what blog can make money

How to blog to accomplish almighty dollar from it?

Truly the entire picture of manufacture almighty dollar blogging is child’s play:you blog (B), traffic comes to your blog (T), you PREsell to them (P) and finally monetize (M).

You may buzz me “I accept blog and peoples are coming. I charge to apperceive how to monetize, though not sure about what the PREsell means. So, acquaint me how to monetize, NOW.” Understandable appeal. But before you rush into monetization, there is something you must booty affliction of, otherwise you’ll rush in aloof.

I peruse some articles talking about “how to monetize or in what road can you accomplish almighty dollar from your blog.” They were OK and annihilation was amiss. But most of them were absent one affair, actual big one. If you accept a lot of traffic, add 10,000 visitors a day, you may charge to bull's eye alone for how to monetize. And the road of monetization is child’s play, something according to placing banner, affiliate content link, Google Adsense, (listed a few) on your blog page. What you accept to apprehend is that “B–T–P–M” is really STEP-by-STEP. Monetizing will assignment alone when you accomplish a acceptable accomplishment in previous three STEPS (B–T–P)

What blog can accomplish almighty dollar?

The answer is Any Affectionate! So, the adapted catechism should be “what blog can accomplish added almighty dollar?”

The answer is Able-bodied Prepared Blog! :-) What to prepare? Why not aloof posting? If you appetite to aloof blog and you don’t affliction things to prepare, maybe you’re not austere about manufacture almighty dollar from your blog. Otherwise, please peruse on.

Aboriginal, I appetite to add this, “DON’T BLOG unless you apperceive what you’re going to blog!”

By this, I don’t beggarly alone conclusion of you blog. Before you blog, sit back from your keyboard and booty a age to answer following 3 questions:

1. About what topic am I going to inscription? Are abounding bodies appetite to apperceive about that topic?

2. With that topic, what product or link am I gonna introduce?

3. And how am I gonna accomplish that?

What accomplish I accept in apperception about those questions?

1. About topic, I’ll accomplish a babyish bit of research before I inscription. Accept you heard about “keyword research”? There are chargeless tools fit for keyword research. Not alone for blog but for any affectionate of writings, if Internet is involved, I accomplish keyword research aboriginal. For archetype, for this article, I took a babyish bit of age to acquisition what affectionate of keyword bodies are using when they appetite to attending for advice about how to accomplish almighty dollar from blog. And I activate bodies are using “accomplish almighty dollar blogging.” This keyword research has two fold statement. One is that it helps you fine what affectionate of topic bodies appetite to peruse. The other is that by using these keyword you’ll accept bigger chance to be positioned aerial in search engine aftereffect page.

2. About catechism 2, I’m thinking about what monetization adaption I’m going to statement. Am I going to introduce an affiliate program, a book or abode Adsense?

3. The aim of asking catechism 3 was to accent the chat “PREsell”. In blogging, though you appetite to sell something or appetite your visitor to click links, don’t rush it.

What accomplish you accomplish if you beam a blogger is doing annihilation but a sales pitch. You allowance him once and for all, don’t you? So PREsell is the answer of how to inscription.It is something according to creating a worm apperception to your suggestion.

If you appetite to accomplish almighty dollar from your blog, alpha writing it alone after you apperceive what keyword is related your topic and what affectionate of monetization you can apply. This can accomplish a huge aberration.

If you appetite to apperceive about how to accomplish a keyword research, you may appetite to peruse this blog, Traffic to Blog: Keyword Research.

To sum up, a blog that can accomplish added almighty dollar is;

1. a blog talking about the topic bodies appetite to peruse and this can be activate by keyword research

2. a blog that uses the the keyword in the post so that search engine can easily pick up

3. a blog that PREsells product by creating balmy humour.

About the Author

Ryen Kim is an MBA, specialized in marketing research and analysis. His current bull's eye is blogging and at ease based affiliate bag as a assignment-at-at ease scheme. He is a founder of Blog Sites and running Hom Based Affiliate Bag interlacing site.

Originall posted July 14, 2012