why wordpress is now my blog of choice

The added I statement WordPress, the added I adulation it. It has 2 actual big features that Blogger doesn’t yet abutment.

Figure 1, you can set up WordPress to automatically ping all the RSS and blog feed directories every age you accomplish a post. This is a actual able aspect if you appetite your blog to amuse a lot of traffic adapted away. On top of that, you’ll be quickly developing backlinks to your blog almost automatically.

Anticipate about how continued it can booty you to body a regular site, amuse the search engines to index it, amuse backlinks to advance your listings, and then alpha getting traffic. A blog according to WordPress can accomplish all that “grunge” assignment for you automatically.

Figure 2, WordPress allows the statement of Categories. Categories are a actual able road to advance the structure of your site both for human visitors and for the search engines.

Let’s add the topic of your site is Widgets. You could actualize a Category for atramentous widgets, one for orange widgets, and one for blooming widgets.

Any more when you add posts to your blog, you can choose which of your categories your post belongs to. Any more your blog will archive your former posts not alone by their month and date, as Blogger does. But again by Category.

So if you accept a visitor who is especially absorbed in blooming widgets, they can easily acquisition all your posts on blooming widgets. They don’t accept to action buttoned up your entire archives to acquisition them. With a blog that has been around for awhile and has hundreds of posts, that would be appealing discouraging. Using Categories makes it actual accessible.

Categories are again actual search engine affable. When you statement Categories in your blog, there is a link on every one of your pages to your categories. Anticipate about this: would you rather be #1 in the search engines for Airing 2003, or for blooming widgets, one of the main keywords of your site?

By using the Category aspect, you will eventually accept hundreds of pages on your site with links to blooming widgets, atramentous widgets, and orange widgets. All those backlinks to those keywords can aftereffect in much higher search engine rankings.

Another neat aspect is that you can easily actualize an RSS feed for each of your categories. Then every age you post to your blog, it could be pinging the Blog/RSS directories for each feed!

Compare that to putting up a advanced page on a traditional website. Even if the search engines acquisition your advanced page adapted away, it might be a month or two before it actually gets indexed and starts picture traffic. It might be a continued age before it enjoys a aboriginal page position for its keywords.

It’s almost astonishing how accessible all this is with a able-bodied-structured blog according to WordPress with Categories enabled!

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