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How Would You Act Mount Fuji?
“How the Apple’s Smartest Companies Select the Most Artistic Thinkers”
By William Poundstone
Published by Babyish, Brown and Company, 2004
ISBN 0-316-77849-4
276 pages

Nowadays, action applicants are no longer surprised when they are asked the catechism: “Why are manhole covers round instead of square?” during a action interview. Puzzle-interviews accept been emulated by abundant fortune 500 companies from Microsoft. Questions such as the above seek to separate the most artistic thinkers from the
merely talented.

Logic puzzles, riddles, hypothetical questions and trick questions accept continued been used in computer-industry interviews. These are accepted as
“impossible questions” and are believed to measure the intelligence,
resourcefulness or “outside-the-box thinking” needed to survive in
today’s actual competitive bag environment.

Today, these impossible questions are again being used, not aloof in
computer-industry interviews, but in almost every line of bag such as constitution firms, banks, consulting firms, insurance companies, the media and the armed forces.

The strangest affair about these impossible questions is that no one
knows the answer – not even the person who is asking. Still, bodies are being hired or not hired based on how able-bodied they answer the questions.

With the statement of puzzles in the hiring action, companies ace shot to weed out those who anticipate on their feet and those who accomplish not. All that matters is logic, imagination and botheration-solving adeptness.

Puzzle interviews does added than analysis an alone’s I.Q. It is said to measure bandwidth, inventiveness, artistic botheration-solving adeptness
and outside-the-box thinking. Companies who statement logic puzzles accept that they area bigger indicator of workplace accomplishment than other intelligence tests.

What happens when you are faced with a puzzle interview? You can statement some of the below tips and techniques to outsmart the interviewer:

1. Aboriginal decide what affectionate of answer is expected (soliloquy or dialogue).
Logic puzzles usually calls for a soliloquy. Architecture answers accept single answers. Acceptable answers appearance awareness that trade-offs exist.

2. Whatever you anticipate of aboriginal is amiss. With puzzles and riddles, the aboriginal accessible answer that pops into apperception is not usually the adapted answer.

3. Forget you ever learned calculus.

4. Ample complicated questions usually accept child’s play answers.

5. Child’s play questions generally demand complicated answers.

6. “Perfectly logical beings” are not according to you and me.

7. When you hit a brick wall, ace shot to list the assumptions you are manufacture.
Beam what happens when you reject each of these assumptions in succession.

8. When crucial advice is absent in a logic puzzle, lay out the possible scenarios. You’ll almost always acquisition that you don’t charge the
absent advice to solve the botheration.

9. Where possible, accord a acceptable answer that the interviewer has never heard before.

About the Author:

William Poundstone is the author of nine books, including Carl Sagan: A Action in the Cosmos, Prisoner’s Dilemma, Labyrinths of Astuteness, and the
popular Ample Secrets series, which inspired two television network specials. He has written for Esquire, Harper’s, The Economist, and the Advanced York Times Book Analysis, and his science writing has been nominated twice for the Pulitzer Prize. He lives in Los Angeles.

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About the Author

Regine Azurin is the President of, a company that provides bag book summaries of the latest bestsellers for active executives and entrepreneurs.

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