looking for harvey weinstein the book

Two Immigrants Alive The American Air castle

Some may call it a aim driven action yet the alone affair religious about action for two middle aged British “resident aliens” living in Los Angeles is they rise at 5am and are usually asleep by nine.

They framework up about a hundred hours between them in their average assignment week and accept been in the selfsame bag for the last four age. However, unlike most who boast the selfsame grind, Holly and Shirley Yanez, lifelong ace friends who married and divorced American brothers, don’t accept a 401K, medical insurance or cell phones. They assignment for themselves, one of the perks, accrued vacation age.

Although both women accept accomplished backgrounds, one an ex bag owner with a five million dollar turnover company, the other, a seasoned mechanical sales executive, when desperate, activate it impossible to amuse jobs in LA. After submitting hundreds of applications, resumes and cover letters, the 39 and 47 year aged women were even turned down for receptionist and retail sales assistant positions due to absence of acquaintance.

With no one to rely on, no friends and family for abutment, the women, ready to assignment adamantine, had to body a bag from scratch that could abutment them and two baby children if they were to survive in a advanced country.

They needed a low cost product they could marketplace globally for chargeless. With actual babyish investment available and no established credit, their alone road of effectively and cheaply marketing anything was over the internet.

After relentless research they discovered 55% of all books published in the U.S. are self published and abounding aboriginal age authors accept broken all the rules, springing from obscurity onto bestseller lists thanks to brilliant internet marketing strategies. The Naked Battler and I Adulation My Action. A Mom’s Adviser to Working From At ease.

Although the women were not writers by trade both adore a acceptable adventure and had hilarious journals of action in Los Angeles already written. After abounding committed hours at the keyboard they turned their analogue veracity into a book for less than $2000 online giving them their inexpensive, completely owned product, to sell. Looking for Harvey Weinstein was born.

With certainly no acquaintance they started to body a channel to their buyer using the internet. Since the launch of their product at the alpha of 2004 they accept developed their publishing abode of one into a agname that is all over the internet. They distribute buttoned up Baker and Taylor and Gardner Books and supply all the above retail and online chains here and overseas. They again adore profitable relationships with Amazon and E Online.

Using Bloggers, indie media, online book reviews, discussion boards and chat rooms they abide to marketplace for chargeless and strategic email blast campaigns are highly able sales generators.

Due to the activating attributes of the internet, the added places you are the added bodies beam you and the added bodies beam you, the added places you are. It’s sorcery marketing for a company with aught liquidity. Aerial ranking on multiple keyword searches draws traffic to your website or blogger (chargeless if you can’t afford a site) and the added traffic you accept the higher you percentage on above search engines, all of which charge for placement but don’t accomplish any promises.

The women no longer adore the copious lifestyles they once took for granted and never imagined being stranded and penniless in a abode where “resident foreigner” felt according to “aliens in residence.” Nevertheless they accept fought back, built a bag and any more accept another adventure to acquaint. How, buttoned up adversity, they accept lived the American Air castle.

About the Author

Action continued ace friends from England who marry brothers and acquisition themselves in agitation. They inscription and self publish a book Looking for Harvey Weinstein and advise others how to accomplish the internet assignment for a baby bag.

Originall posted November 1, 2012