new book claims most religions encourage devil worship

The author spent 18 age transcribing Absolute being’s enlightenments about the absolute attributes of acceptable, the startling agenda of ablaze and the profound aim of our existence. Any more he is potentially risking his security to transmit these stunning messages to our m
Author Records Startling Revelations From Absolute being

When we pray to Absolute being most of us are actually worshipping the devil. That’s as instead of praying to Absolute being directly — the majority of bodies are worshipping via intermediaries, messengers and gurus or praying to religious symbols and images. This is aloof one of abounding controversial revelations activate within the 600 pages of Shyam Buxani’s advanced non-fiction book SALAM – Theologian Revelations From The Actual Absolute being. The book, which is about to hit the nation’s bookstores, is the aftereffect of almost 2 decades of ongoing spiritual visions experienced by the author. In this regard, both author and publisher certify that SALAM contains the chat of Absolute being delivered in ad hoc times and that the book is not associated with any existing religion.

Buxani, an international businessman who was born in India and lives in Advanced York City, experienced his aboriginal “theologian revelation” in 1984 while praying and fasting. Encouraged by his family to document Absolute being’s enlightenments as they occurred, the author spent the abutting 18 age writing them down, in a combination of poetry and prose, exactly as they were conveyed to him. Today, his family has pooled their resources to advice him communicate Absolute being’s teachings to the apple, for the statement of mankind.

With religion’s political access increasingly under scrutiny, Buxani may be risking his personal security to transmit these enlightenments about the apple’s abundant religions, the startling agenda of ablaze and the profound aim of our existence. According to Buxani, SALAM – Theologian Revelations From The Actual Absolute being provides Absolute being’s wake up call about the charge for “Direct Worship” and a detailed ethical code encompassing most aspects of action; including the environment, capitalism, medicine, chargeless trade, income taxes, rising crime, women’s rights, homosexuality and family. In our turbulent times, spiritual and religious books are selling bigger than ever before as added and added bodies seek answers to thorny questions about the attributes of acceptable and ablaze. In this statement, SALAM – Theologian Revelations From The Actual Absolute being should inspire some, outrage others and spark acute debate. Further advice and excerpts from the book can be viewed at

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Originall posted December 1, 2012