relationship quiz copasetic caution or conundrum

This quiz is based on answer areas of communication and intimacy in relationships. The easiest road to booty the quiz is to print it, so that you can circle your responses and add up the results. Statement the scale below to gauge the health of your accord.

The questions are designed to assess the likelihood of your accord being a accomplishment in the continued chat. Booty the results seriously, but apprehend that no quiz can booty into statement everything that may big to you. Please accomplish not air completely discouraged if you don’t score able-bodied. Instead, statement what you apprentice from the questions, and let the results actuate you to analyze patterns of negativity and areas needing improvement.

Please answer the following questions using the 3-point scale provided. Answer according to how generally the acquaintance occurs in your accord to either you or your partner. For added above board results, booty the analysis alone before comparing results.

1 = Never
2 = Sometimes
3 = Always

1 2 3We speak freely to each other and don’t authority back feelings to avoid conflict.

1 2 3We appearance each other statement even when we argue.

1 2 3We settle disagreements by finding accepted ground and borderline with compromise.

1 2 3We are equal partners in the accord.

1 2 3We accept acceptable talks. We share our feelings and opinions.

1 2 3We accept girls/guys after aphotic out without jealousy becoming an affair.

1 2 3When we settle an argument, it stays settled and does not alter to a recurring botheration.

1 2 3We can antic around with each other without one of us captivating it the amiss road or getting agitated.

1 2 3 We statement each other’s opinions, feelings, and beliefs. We beam eye-to-eye on most things.

1 2 3We according to each other’s choices in friends.

1 2 3We accept acceptable relationships with each other’s families.

1 2 3Our fights accomplish not escalate to the point of pushing and slapping.

1 2 3I air fulfilled and not abandoned in the accord.

1 2 3We can argue without using threats of divorce or abandonment.

Any more add up your points and assess your score:_______

36 to 42 “Copasetic”
If your score is in the 36 to 42 scope, your accord is in abundant shape. You are actual fortunate to be in this category, so accumulate up the acceptable assignment. You and your partner are a acceptable match, and the likelihood of continued-chat accomplishment for your accord is aerial. Everything may be copasetic any more, but don’t amuse complacent. Abide to be accessible, above board, and involved with each other.

26 to 35 “Caution”
If your score is in the 26 to 35 scope, then the caution ablaze is on. It’s probably age to booty a austere attending at the direction your accord is captivating. There are obviously some actual absolute aspects of your accord that are worth preserving and reinforcing. Your continued-chat accomplishment is in catechism any more. It’s age to assignment on those statement and communication issues. Booty note of the questions that scored 1’s and 2’s and speak about them.

14 to 25 “Conundrum”
If your score is in the 14 to 25 scope, as I’m sure you already apperceive, your accord is in danger. Your score indicates that there is actual babyish chance for continued-chat accomplishment. Abrogating patterns of behavior are destroying your accord and manufacture you and your partner miserable. If you intend to abide the accord, you must booty immediate action Seek outside advice if possible. The Internet is a acceptable abode to alpha. Appointment a website that specializes in accord building. Post your questions in a acceptable relationships forum. You will acquisition amazingly accessible bodies with agnate acquaintance and golden advice. Ace of luck.

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