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Accept you ever wondered what would it booty to compete successfully with the “ample guys” according to Simon & Schuster and even amuse to the top of the pile? If there is such affair as a sorcery formula for accomplishment, then the adventure of Geela, the author of the bestseller book THE AMERICAN DREAM can certainly accomplish a follower out of you too. Mastering the art of the possible is at the affection of Geela’s brand advanced book where her message is that the possible always exceeds the impossible.

It’s a sobering actuality that no one not even the “ample guys” (the ample publishing houses) are unsusceptible to the risk of failing and even going out of bag and not so much as of absence of resources but rather absence of innovation, aerial eyes and keeping up with inevitable chicken feed. In actuality, too abounding companies booty the complacent access of “one-size-fits-all” to marketing and promotion with a worn out air of “bag as usual” and “we’re the ace, you’re the rest” that stifles innovative thinking (thinking outside the box) so chief for surviving and thriving in a actual competitive and activating industry where chicken feed is the standard and maintaining accomplishment is the exception.

It’s been Geela’s acquaintance as a self-supported and self-published author, that greater degrees of accomplishment can be achieved by any publishing company regardless of their size or circumstances simply by implementing the following principles for accomplishment that worked for her company GLOBAL VISION MEDIA:

  1. It’s not your aptitude but your air – a winning air can beggarly the aberration between accomplishment and failure. Accomplishment is a matter of perception and an equal befalling employer. You are as acknowledged as you accomplish up your apperception to be. So don’t be afraid to aim aerial. Let the adventure of The Babyish Engine That Could and David and Goliath inspire you. While some bodies anticipation that Goliath was too ample to hit, David anticipation he was too ample to miss.

  2. Apperceive that dreams and aspirations for accomplishment accept no expiration date – these are self-imposed artificial deadlines that are silent killers of creativity and motivation.

  3. What determines your akin of accomplishment or akin of failure is not absence of resources but rather absence of creativity (resourcefulness), aerial eyes and faith (bethink, quitters never achievement and winners never abdicate).

  4. No matter what you were brainwashed to accept, never underestimate your own adeptness to inscription your own action script and command ascendancy of your destiny by either finding a road or manufacture a road. Again when you accept the aberration between manufacture things happen vs. letting things happen, you will generate whatever is all-big for you to grasp your destination even when all the odds are against you. You no longer accept to wait or be at the mercy of traditional distribution and bookstores as they adumbrate your book between competitive titles on their shelves. Your destiny is in your hands and all that your hands charge to accomplish is to booty advantage of the marvelous adeptness of ad hoc technology which is any more available to the “babyish guy” as able-bodied in adjustment to compete successfully and even surpass the “ample guys.” Any self-fabricated acknowledged person will acquaint you that indeed anything is possible especially to those who accept.

  5. Apply the Kaleidoscope access to your marketing and promotion efforts – although there are finite figure of pieces, infinite figure of combinations and possibilities can be created simply by rearranging them. You are limited alone by your own imagination and will.

  6. Don’t statement the Christopher Columbus adaption of planning your bag if you are austere about reaching your destination of smooth sailing into a advanced apple of accomplishment with glory. By failing to aim properly, you aim to fail by default. The adeptness of strategic planning backed by a solid infrastructure cannot be overstated – it’s what makes or breaks regardless of the affection of your product (book). A synergetic aim in abode will serve as a compass to adviser your actions, evaluate your performance and amble your bag added profitably.

  7. A acceptable marketing aim requires the dexterity of a circus juggler mainly as of factors such as the altered action-cycle stage of each title at any accustomed age. In Geela’s particular position, as a self-contained, it was and still is a altered multi-faceted bearings with multiple projects going on simultaneously, involving a brand advanced book, a air album and putting at buttoned up an all-star statement concert with above air producers as allotment of Geela’s nonprofit alignment, ONE SPIRIT, ONE WORLD (dedicated to promoting apple buttoned up focusing on children’s issues), since Geela is an established singer/songwriter with abounding albums, awards and rave reviews, a visionary author and a continued age buttoned up and children’s activist. She is the founder of the nonprofit alignment, ONE SPIRIT, ONE WORLD, a co-founder of a acknowledged document tag, GLOBAL VISION RECORDS in addition to being a co-fonder of an up and coming independent publishing company, GLOBAL VISION BOOKS/MEDIA. To accomplish action even added agitative, Geela is again a wife and a dedicated mom.

  8. Capitalize on any talents you might accept to accomplish up for perceived absence of sales and/or financial resources (initially when you are starting out). Geela’s bearings is altered by all standards. Hers is a multi-faceted bearings (air/book/nonprofit alignment) which abundantly enhanced the accomplishment of her efforts.

  9. Broaden your marketing and promotional parameters and capabilities to accommodate a multi-akin marketing and promotion by reaching out to altered audiences from ethnic to military and other untapped markets. In Geela’s position, as of her altered background, as an immigrant from Israel who was born in Iran, with a universal appeal, she capitalized on that actuality to grasp broader audiences that accommodate ethnic, minorities, women and immigrants.

  10. Your infrastructure needs to be built on a solid foundation which includes everything from an innovative strategic marketing aim to a coordinated program which includes the following elements:

    • A comprehensive marketing and promotional aim including assorted advertising blend in answer places in addition to a state media campaign

    • Cutting edge on-line marketing and promotion with your own user affable website (links, pop up banner, affiliate program, ezine newsletter, direct response with a compelling sales letter, article submission, media e-mail blast to accumulate your agname in front of the media with altered press releases, specimen of products, plenty of endorsements, media room, advantageous advice, able search engines, aloof to agname a few)

    • Sales forecast

    • Financial plans

    • Secure advanced endorsements for your book from apple-renowned personalities, the media, book reviewers and ace selling authors to authorize credibility

    • Distribution

    • Fulfillment center with your own toll-chargeless figure. In Geela’s position she chose a figure that’s accessible to bethink for her radio interviews (800) 99GEELA

    • Actualize an a-1 press equipment with advantageous advice in addition to promotional and amusing material such as posters, bookmarks, twin sided glossy flyers and added

    • Marketing and promotion plans again for pursuing the non-bookstore markets (adapted sales/premiums/incentive) as able-bodied as sub-rights and foreign rights including film rights, especially according to in the position of Geela, if your book is slanted towards a movie – these are most lucrative sources for substantial revenues and profitability since you bypass the middlemen, massive discounts and accept reduced returns.

    • Since no man is an island and likewise accomplishment is never a one-man appearance, it’s chief to accept a marketing abutment system, a Air castle-Accumulation if you will, which is fabricated up of top indentation according to-minded bodies who share your eyes, faith in the project and akin of commitment to manufacture it a huge accomplishment. The added agreement and camaraderie the bigger advice and artistic ideas can be generated to advice act your project forward, and combat those inevitable “marketing tiredness” while keeping you motivated.

    • To alter to a lodestone of accomplishment and total prosperity alive by the motto: “when I advice others achievement – I achievement.”

    • Author personal appearances, speaking engagements and other innovative forms of promotion such as running for an office (at least for a day…) and/or trying to breach the Guineas book of records (able-bodied, at least in theory you can accomplish the advance…). Once again, you are limited alone by your imagination.

  11. In adjustment to amuse a head alpha on your promotional campaign accede using a direct response that can advice put your title on the ace seller list at least on by doing a massive and highly targeted e-mail blast. This alone can accessible abounding doors for you and advice you grasp your destination so much faster and … in style too.

  12. Apply the aged-fashioned yet proven adaption of manufacture up for absence of financial resources the size of the “ample guys” with OPM but not the traditional Other Bodies’s Almighty dollar, but rather Other Bodies’s Minds, by networking, sharing up to date advice, developing and nurturing partnerships while conducting massive research. Bethink, adeptness is adeptness that provides you the winning edge. It’s cost chargeless and it creates supplementary opportunities for advance while instantly becoming a accomplishment and prosperity lodestone.

  13. Strive to accommodate the highest affection in product and service and always action the extra mile, bethink, the seed of almighty dollar is service.

In the final analysis, it’s the affection of the book that will after all dictate the longevity and the akin of accomplishment of any marketing and promotional campaign. Geela’s highly praised book THE AMERICAN DREAM offers something actual adapted that everybody wants…achievement and direction. In actuality, buttoned up her Principles For Acknowledged Living, Geela is revolutionizing the conventional sageness of achieving accomplishment, total prosperity and even global accord. And that’s something that will always be in demand and never action out of style. Geela’s fascinating personal adventure of triumph over adversity and winning against all odds ace captures the accurate spirit of the American Air castle which was based on perspiration, innovation, risk and reward. Of-course some might anticipate her tremendous accomplishment adventure (which took her alone twenty age to accomplish) is alone a aftereffect of luck or allowance or … whatever. But maybe a bigger definition of luck needs to be when preparation meets befalling. After all, if you apperceive where you are going, chances are you will amuse there, and if not, then you’ll borderline up on the road to nowhere. Any more that’s something to inscription about…

Copyright © 2004, Geela

Author of “The American Air castle”

Geela is an award winning singer/songwriter/composer, columnist, and author of the ace-selling book “THE AMERICAN DREAM,” her accurate- action adventure of how she came to America as a adolescent immigrant with annihilation and overcame incredible obstacles to accomplish mega-accomplishment. She founded ONE SPIRIT, ONE WORLD to advice children and advance a culture of buttoned up and agreement. Amuse a chargeless specimen of her air and her book at

Originall posted August 6, 2012