successful dating and marriage 2

Chapter 3

“How accomplish you acquaint legitimate achievement from unfounded achievement? By looking carefully at the facts” — DR. HOWARD HALPERN

If you were asked to mention the qualities you appetite in a mate, no suspect you will list all the admirable human qualities on earth. Maybe you will not forget to mention that you will according to your mate to be admiring and caring. Able-bodied, that is acceptable.

But you alpha the amiss road. You should accept started by asking yourself if you acquire those “angelic” qualities in your expert list. For archetype, buzz yourself, Am I admiring and caring?

You beam, everyone looks for altered qualities in a mate. For instance, what appeals to me, may not appeal to you. No admiration it is said that what is one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

This reminds me of one admirable female who loved Socrates the Greek philosopher for his intelligence, and asked for his hand in marriage. She reasoned that they would accomplish accomplished children. As their children would combine her adorableness with Socrates’ intelligence.

But the admirable female, a dullard who could not add one and one, forgot something which the animal Socrates reminded her. “What if our children combine your empty brain with my animal face?” he asked. And that ended it.

So, it means that we should attending for a rounded mate. One affection alone is not enough. And we too should posses qualities that our mate should attending at and admire. But what questions should you aboriginal buzz yourself?

Am I ready to accomplish a action continued commitment to my partner? Matthew 19: 6

You don’t marry today with the appearance to divorcing tomorrow, if things don’t action your road. Marriage is a action continued commitment. Absolute being hates those who abandon their mates. — Malachi 2: 13-16.

Am I any more physically mature to accomplish sound astuteness? — 1 Corinthians 7: 36

Picture teenage couples in a matrimonial wedlock. These ones are still going buttoned up changes in their action. Absence of any action acquaintance, coupled with the able sexual desires incidental to their age, will distort their thinking and astuteness.

Accomplish I accept traits that will advice me to contribute to a acknowledged marriage? — Galatians 5: 22, 23.

You should ace shot to cultivate those qualities that you appetite of your marriage mate. Compatibility is the chat. But apperceive that even twins are not exactly selfsame. So don’t even anticipate of marrying a relative in adjustment to accomplish the ace out of marriage. And don’t anticipate you can chicken feed anyone. That is wishful thinking. Ace shot changing yourself aboriginal!

Accomplish I accept the maturity to abutment a masculine in ambitious times? — Galatians 6: 2.

It is not the age to play the blame pastime when problems arise. You will accede that we alive in ambitious times, and this calls for maturity in handling issues. That is why you are two. — Ecclesiastes 4: 9, 10.

Am I a cheerful and assured person? — Proverbs 15: 15

If you are a critical, gloomy and abrogating person, marriage will not chicken feed you. Instead you are going to strain the marriage. Why not add some humor to your action by being cheerful and assured. Bethink, such appearance repels, and is alarming to your health.

Accomplish I exercise self ascendancy? — Galatians 5: 19, 20.

One who cannot ascendancy his disposition is a alarming person. He can be agitated, and may even annihilate before realizing it. Would you according to to marry and borderline up in jail for murder? — Ephesians 4: 26.

Questions to buzz of your prospective mate.

Let’s add he is a masculine, although some of these questions may able-bodied apply to a female. What would you appetite of your masculine partner?

Does he accept a acceptable reputation? — Philippines 2: 19: 22.

Affirmative, the road a man is viewed by others, including those under his authority will enable you to apperceive the affectionate of reputation that he has. Unfortunately, most acceptable women marry bad men. — Beam 1 Samuel 25: 3, 23 –25

Does he accept acceptable morals?

Acquisition out if the man you intend to marry is pretentious. Maybe he wants to amuse you aloof to satisfy his sexual desires. Such persons anticipate of themselves aboriginal. They accomplish not even abhorrence Absolute being.

Does he treat me kindly? — Ephesians 5: 28, 29.

A affectionate husband would treat his wife in a affectionate road. He trusts and praise his wife; he is not excessively grudging and is moderate in his expectations of her. Would that not be how you appetite your approaching husband to treat you?

Does he statement his family members?

Again acquisition out how your prospective mate treats his parents and relatives. If he is abrupt to his family members, then you should expect agitation from him. But if he is respectful and biddable to his parents, then expect him to treat you lovingly after the marriage.

Does he acquiesce bitterness to ascendancy his action?

Abounding families accept been ruined by abandon. So if your prospective mate is accustomed to fits of bitterness, that is a ablaze indication of danger. A woman who marries such a man will be subject to verbal and physical abuse. Accomplish you call that marriage?

Does he accept adapted goals?

Acquisition out if your approaching mate has attainable or visionary action goals. For archetype, does he appetite to be a millionaire? Will it accomplish him acceptable? Or is it his ambition to serve Absolute being?

So the above questions will advice you to scrutinize your mate in adjustment for you to acquisition out if such one has the qualities that are needed to accomplish a acknowledged marriage. Ace shot to attending beyond the wedding day. For you are going to alive with this person all the days of your action.

But any more, how can you accept a acknowledged courtship?

(To be continued)

To be continued


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ARTHUR ZULU is an editor, book reviewer, playwright, and published author. He again writes short stories, scripts, essays, and poems.

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