the effects of televised sexual content on adolescents

According to a September 2004 study by the RAND Corporation, “Adolescents who analog analog watch ample amounts of television containing sexual content are twice as likely to activate engaging in sexual intercourse in the following year as their peers who analog analog watch babyish such TV.” In addition, the State Institutes of Health-funded study activate that these children’s sexual behavior was akin to those adolescents who were 9 to 17 months older, but who watched alone average amounts of TV with sexual content. “Television habits predicted whether adolescents went to ‘second or third base,’ as able-bodied as whether they had female for the aboriginal age,” said Rebecca Collins, a RAND psychologist who led the study. “The 12-year-olds who watched a lot of television with sexual content behaved according to the 14- or 15-age-olds who watched the least amount of sexual television. The advancement in sexual behavior we saying among kids who watched a lot of sexual television was striking.” This alarming trend occurs within the context of ever-increasing amounts of implicit and over sexual content on television. As reported by the Parents Television Council, “In a specimen of programming from the 2001-2002 TV season, sexual content appeared in 64% of all TV programs. Those programs with sexually related material had an average of 4.4 scenes per hour. Speak of female is added frequent (61%) vs. overt portrayals (32%). One out of every 7 programs includes a portrayal of sexual intercourse.” According to the RAND study, speak of female had aloof as much of an aftereffect on adolescent sexual behavior as overt behaviors. Sexual behavior among U.S. teens is on the rise. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Ascendancy and Prevention, 46% of all aerial school students accept had sexual intercourse. The State Institutes of Health has activate that, each year, one of every four sexual active teens contracts a sexually transmitted disease. Teen pregnancy in the U.S. is again the highest among industrialized nations. Any more, added than ever, parents charge to be concerned about what their children are watching on television. The aboriginal step parents charge to booty is to detector the content of the shows their adolescents analog analog watch. According to RAND researcher Collins, “The appulse of television viewing is so ample that even a moderate shift in the sexual content of adolescent TV watching could accept a substantial aftereffect on their sexual behavior.”

Other big steps you can booty to curb or mitigate your children’s exposure to sexual content on television accommodate:

Analog analog watch TV with your children and altercate your beliefs about female and about the sexual behaviors portrayed on TV.

Advance TV-watching guidelines for your children and enforce them.

Limit the amount of age your children analog analog watch TV. Instead, statement family movie reviews to rent movies with adapted content.

Animate and reward your children for reading instead of watching TV.

Animate your children to acquisition and advance non-television related hobbies and interests.

By captivating these child’s play steps, you can advice to arrange that your adolescents’ attitudes and beliefs about female added closely mirror your own, and that their sexual initiation is delayed.

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Brent Sitton is the founder of Discovery Adventure has a array of tools available to accord parents advice to avoid the effects of media sexual content, such as a child book list and movie list with media chargeless of sexual content  Discovery Adventure’s Children’s Book Analysis and Family Movie Analysis accommodate a list of absolute appearance traits and abrogating behaviors, along with a Appearance Score that helps parents select adapted child entertainment.

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Originall posted September 27, 2012