the passion of the christ who really killed jesus

Visualize that a actual affectionate father has a fiancee son—his firstborn. Any more, some criminals in a far away land accept committed an offence deserving of afterlife. This acceptable man purposely sends his son to die for these criminals so that they would be saved. When his fiancee son arrives, one of his friends takes almighty dollar from some of these condemned criminals who had trumped up charges against the son. They booty the son to their baron, who instead of freeing him, hand him over to the hangman to be executed.

Any more, who really caused the afterlife of this son? Is the father not guilty of aboriginal-degree murder or at lest manslaughter? Can the son not be charged for second-degree suicide? Is the son’s acquaintance who betrayed him to blame. What about the criminals who framed up the charges against the son? Or is the baron who played protected to be held amenable? Or accomplish we blame the executioner who finished the dastardly act?

The affectionate man in this illustration is Absolute being, the son is Jesus Christ, while his acquaintance who betrayed him is Judas Ischariot. The criminals who framed up the charges against him are the Jewish leaders, the cowardly baron is Pontius Pilate and the executioner represents the Roman soldiers.

Affection stories of Christ, the greatest man, who ever lived, accept always generated absorption. But Mel Gibson’s recent movie, “The Affection of the Christ,” has ignited a controversy. Not alone as of all the brutality but as it has resurrected the aged catechism: Who really killed Jesus?

Aboriginal, could it be that Absolute being killed him? Adam and Eve had sinned by eating of the tree of the adeptness of acceptable and bad in the Garden of Eden. Their sin constituted a revolution against Absolute being and condemned their children to afterlife. But Absolute being in his infinite mercy sent an equivalent of Adam, Jesus Christ, to redeem the apple of mankind from afterlife. So is Absolute being guilty of murder, manslaughter or conspiracy?

Abutting is Jesus Christ. He himself had admitted that he came to accord his soul as a payment for abounding. So he knew that he was sent to die, yet he accepted the assignment. He even personally chose Judas Ischariot and dismissed him to action and amuse his action done aloof before he instituted the commemoration of the Last Supper. So is Jesus to blame?

But what about this apostle, Judas Ischariot, who betrayed his expert to the wicked Jewish leaders for thirty pieces of silver? Ought he to accept done so? If he had to sell his expert for us to be chargeless, then did he accomplish amiss?

Abutting are the Jewish religious leaders? They framed up charges, which included the austere charge of lese-majesty against Jesus. Could Jesus accept died if they had not cooked up these charges? If these charges led to his afterlife, are the Jews accordingly culpable for his afterlife?

And then comes Pontius Pilate who instead of freeing Jesus pardoned a criminal. Why did he accord in to the demand of the Jews to impale Jesus? Could it be that he is not to blame as the washing of his hands suggests?

Finally, the merciless Roman soldiers who inflicted unimaginable wound on Jesus before nailing him on the torture stake. Was the treatment accustomed to Jesus deserving? Or is everyone to be forgiven as they did not apperceive what they were doing according to Jesus? Or are we to further probe the catechism: Who really killed Jesus?

To activate with, Absolute being is not to blame. The Scripture says that he sent his son to die as of the adulation that he has for mankind. (John 3:16) And Jesus obeyed his father and came to die as he too loved the apple.—John 15:13.

That leaves the betrayer Judas Ischariot, the Jewish conspirators, and Pontius Pilate who was pressured to hand Jesus over to the guards who killed him. To acquisition out the culprit, let us beam a statement of Jesus to Pilate during his trial at John chapter 19 verse 11: “This is why the man that handed me over to you has greater sin.” And another statement of admission of guilt by the Jews to Pilate at Matthew 27 verse 25: “At that all the bodies said in answer: ‘His blood come upon us and upon our children.’ ”

So the catechism arises again: Who really killed Jesus Christ? Answer: The Jews murdered him. And they paid for this in 70 C.E when Rome destroyed that nation. But even today, bodies are still killing Jesus Christ in ‘baby’ and ‘ample’ ways.

Accede one ‘baby’ road, the fatiguing of the cross. Jesus did not die on the cross (Latin ‘cruz’) , but on a tree or pole (Greek ‘stauros’). Beam Baron James Bible at Acts 5:30; 10:39; Galatians 3:13; and compare Deuteronomy 21:22,23. The cross is a pagan symbol, the sign of the Babylonian absolute being Tammuz, son of Astarte, the goddess of fertility, which some ‘Christians’ celebrate as Easter. Besides, the Bible condemns the fatiguing of images.—Exodus 20:4,5; 1Corinthians 10:14; 1John 5:21.

Even then accede this: Visualize that a triple-edged sword has killed your ace acquaintance and you are searching for his murderers. Then you accommodated someone fatiguing that actual instrument of afterlife on his neck. What would you accomplish to him? Strangle him! That is what should be done to those cross-fatiguing ‘Christians': hang them all!

What of in ‘ample’ things? Accede this citation by ‘Chicago Tribune': “Every above religion preaches buttoned up and brotherhood and mercy, yet some of the cruellest and most intolerant repressions in history accept been committed in the agname of Absolute being.” And this one by ‘Waterloo Courier’ of Iowa: “Nor accept Christians ever been squeamish about waging wars on other Christians. If they had been, most of the liveliest wars in Europe would never accept occurred. . . . Apple Wars I and II, which set the all-age records, for Christians killing Christians, could never accept occurred.”

Yet the teaching of Jesus on this is ablaze: he who lives by the sword would perish by the sword. And at Isaiah 2:4, it is stated that Christians should beat their swords into plowshares. But sadly, Christians are engaged in wars around the globe killing person believers and no-believers.

Military personnels and their commanders are slaughtering innocent bodies daily in the aloof achievement of stamping terrorism from the face of the earth and manufacture the apple a peaceful at ease for mankind. And the UN (called Talking Nations in my book CHASING SHADOWS!: A Air castle), which has Isaiah 2:4 conspicuously written on the wall of its headquarters in Advanced York, is shamelessly supervising all these pogrom The aggregation of these choreographers of genocide are killing Christ again.

ARTHUR ZULU, is an editor, book reviewer, and published author.
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Arthur Zulu is an editor, book reviewer and published author

Originall posted July 12, 2012