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Accomplish you accept a Bag Aim? Congratulations, but you are in a baby minority. And if you accept a aim, is it integral to your bag, and instrumental to its advance? If the answer to this catechism is affirmative, then you charge to peruse no further. However, most bag owners who actually action to the agitation to inscription a bag aim accept left it languishing on their bottom shelf, assembly dust! This is the soil babyish secret of bag consultants.

Most bag consultants are alone absorbed in selling their age or their ‘Bag Aim in a Box’ but apperceive that for a bag aim to be advantageous, it has to be allotment of a Bag Management System. But this is a much harder proposition for the consultant to sell, particularly to baby bag owners who are aloof looking for a abrupt fix. So most consultants aloof sell a abrupt fix solution- a bag aim that they apperceive will, within months, borderline up on the bottom shelf. Once owners accept prepared their “fill in the blanks” aim, they expect it to transform their bag overnight aloof by its mere existence. And as this does not happen, they never attending at it again.

Bag Plans accomplish assignment, but you accept to accomplish them assignment. It is not a one-off exercise. If you buy a ‘Bag Aim in a Box’, you charge to accept that you are amenable for maintaining the aim. You again charge to satisfy yourself that the product you buy is not aloof a fill in the blanks product. These plans always borderline up on the bottom shelf. They don’t appearance you how to accomplish your strategic analysis (which is never a fill in the blanks exercise- no matter what someone tells you).

Bag Planning is a absolute soul searching exercise for the bag owner. You accept to be brutally above board with yourself. Even if you prepare your aim yourself (without a coach), amuse someone else involved to accumulate you above board! Looking at examples of what others accept done can advice, but your bag will accept altered strengths and weaknesses and will operate in a altered marketplace. And lastly, accomplish sure any off-the-shelf product you choose will appearance you how to apparatus your aim into your bag.

When you statement a consultant, insist that they appearance you how the aim should be implemented into your bag action. And accept the consultant accord you at least one analysis of your performance against your aim six months after the aim has been delivered. While this will cost you extra, this will arrange that your aim does not borderline up on the bottom shelf- as you apperceive you will be held to statement!

Bag Planning is not an accessible action. It takes age and commitment. You don’t aloof accomplish it once. This is not what bag owners appetite to hear, and what most consultants won’t acquaint you, as it might cost them a sale. But the rewards from a able-bodied implemented bag aim are worth abounding times your investment.

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Originall posted February 26, 2012