connecting with customers
I aloof got off the phone with a acquaintance of mine. Bag is up he said, but he didn’t apperceive why. I asked him a few questions, but the added we spoke about it the added concerned I became.

“What accomplish you beggarly, you don’t apperceive why they’re buying?”

“We never apperceive why they buy,” he told me.


“Nope. They aloof accomplish.”

My acquaintance thinks he knows what is abundant about his product. They accept they accept it’s applications, they aloof don’t accept what drives sales.

And there’s something else – it has to accomplish with pricing and profits.

Since they don’t really apperceive why customers buy from them, it follows that they don’t accept the full amount customers amuse from their products. So they don’t apperceive what to charge! They discount to accomplish sales – since they don’t fully accept the customer’s affliction points – and that means – they always allowance lots of almighty dollar on the table.

When times are boxy – and abounding bodies are action squeezed these days – there is inclination to alarm. Who wouldn’t? The economy, the financial markets, and any more – terrorism. I peruse where a accumulation of psychiatrists saying the country was on the brink of a afraid breakdown!

That’s certainly not what I appetite for my customers! Is that what you appetite for yours?

I anticipate this catechism can be a profitable one. What accomplish you appetite for your customers? I started thinking about this and came up with a few others for you to buzz yourself.

Why accomplish you appetite to serve your customers? What accomplish you adulation about your particular customers? Are they absolute customers? If not, who would be? Call them.

Position Studies and the Amount Proposition

So I began thinking about my acquaintance’s sales botheration – which brought me to thinking about a favorite topic of mine – the amount proposition. Not in the sense of your USP, but in the sense of – what is the amount of your product (or service) to your customer?

In other words, what is your product worth? How much – in almighty dollar terms – does your customer save or earn when they statement whatever it is you sell? Can you quantify that?

If you can’t, able-bodied – you charge to. It will accomplish it much easier to sell.

But it’s too complicated – we can’t really add what they amuse from it.

No admiration you accept agitation selling when times amuse boxy. If you knew what it was worth, and it was worth added than you were selling it for, you’d accept customers lining up pounding on your door for it.

You accept to action out and accomplish position studies. Exactly why did they buy. Exactly what is the application. Exactly how much added did they earn as of it and how did they earn it. Or, exactly how much did they save as of it and how did they save it. Amuse five or six of those and you’ll be able to body a return-on-investment position for any prospect, and damn the economy. Which brings me to one last affair – the holy trinity of repeat sales.

Up-sell, Re-sell and Cross-sell What is your ace possible source of revenue adapted any more, bar none?

Your existing customers, adapted? Of course – they always are. Which means you should accept a regular program to stay in contact.

What are you doing about repeat customer sales? When was the last age you contacted each customer, and fabricated them an action of some affectionate? What – you’re waiting for them to call you?

Conclusion: You’ve got to contact your customers. Under any pretext, for any astuteness.


To solidify and advance your relationships, and reconfirm why you appetite to accomplish bag with them. To accept your amount from their perspective. And lastly, to accomplish sure they are being served properly and to sell them everything they charge.

About the author:
Paul Lemberg is the President of Quantum Advance Coaching: Added Profits and Added Action for Entrepreneurs, Guaranteed. To amuse your copy of our chargeless report with detailed steps to abound your bag at least 40% faster, action to

Originall posted May 26, 2012