exploding six sigma myths
Six Sigma doesn’t advance the customer acquaintance. It may seem that Six Sigma turns the bull's eye away from the customer as it is driven by data. In so abounding companies, affection improvement is driven by the latest customer complaint, or some employer’s latest affair. This may seem according to you are being responsive to the customers, but such an ad hoc and disseminate-shot access is inefficient and after all doomed to failure. The catechism you charge to buzz is what data is presented to the alignment in adjustment to select improvement projects? Without the adapted data, how can you succeed? Unless the access is systematic and the solution driven by measurement and analysis, there is babyish achievement for lifelong affection improvement.

Six Sigma is oriented toward the solution of problems at their root statement and the prevention of their recurrence, as opposed to attempting to ascendancy abeyant causes of failure on a project-by-project basis. Six Sigma inspired action redesign will chicken feed the road a company thinks about how they accomplish their assignment and deliver their services. So abounding companies are focused on short-chat financial goals. The “appearance me the almighty dollar” attitudes of shareholders and the stock marketplace shift bull's eye away from the customer. Six Sigma, on the other hand, is clearly focused on the customer. It accomplishes this as it centers its attention on the borderline results and continued-chat cultural chicken feed.

Six Sigma is not aloof about figure crunching and finances. All of the numbers are aloof data used to grasp the absolute ambition of Six Sigma: helping access affection and service for the customer. Companies charge to figure out what their customers appetite and charge. One affair any customer of any bag in any industry wants is a bigger acquaintance. Affection and efficiency don’t alone advice the financial bottom line, they advice the customer acquaintance.

Companies charge to bethink that their aboriginal and final allegiance should be to the customer. By embracing Six Sigma, a company can accomplish greater affection and efficiency in the flow of advice and interaction between bodies, especially interactions with customers. Transforming the action of these flows will crop affection results for the customer acquaintance.

Six Sigma is aloof another fad. There accept been so abounding affection improvement fads over the age. It is not surprising that bodies are any more a babyish blah. The weakness of abounding of these fads is that they accept the superficial appearance that something profound is happening, yet the substance is not there. A entire bunch of numbers and graphs on spreadsheets are not enough to bring about substantial and lifelong affection improvement in an alignment. The fads sell themselves as cheap and accessible abrupt fixes. The absoluteness is that there are no abrupt fixes to cogent action improvement. Six Sigma understands that.

Six Sigma is neither a fad nor a abrupt fix. The data and descriptive statistics that Six Sigma mines out of a project are absolute data and meaningful data. You statement data to actualize actionable goals, analyze and actuate the root statement(s) of defects, and then measure the results to shows how those goals were achieved. The data determines the causes of the problems that charge improvement and how to eliminate the opening between existing performance and the desired akin of performance. Tools are put in abode to arrange that the answer variables remain within the acceptable ranges over age so that action improvement gains are maintained. The changes brought about buttoned up Six Sigma are absolute, cogent, and continued-lifelong.

Again, Six Sigma is not a child’s play 1-2-3-you’re done action. It is a “road of action.” It is a multi-akin, cyclical movement toward continual action improvement. Six Sigma is a age-consuming and aerial-energy action. Companies advance a continued-chat aim that outlines the act from current performance levels to Six Sigma performance levels, with tangible, short-chat goals in between.

Acknowledged Six Sigma programs are built on a solid organizational foundation. The organizational structure and system needs to be clearly identified and communicated to the entire alignment to successfully apparatus Six Sigma Affection. Becoming a Six Sigma alignment doesn’t aloof happen. Planning and training goes into setting up a acknowledged Six Sigma alignment. Employee roles and responsibilities must be established and clearly communicated to all.

The added Six Sigma projects your company completes, the added involved you alter to with added mature and meaningful projects than when you began. Six Sigma becomes allotment of the core of your bag. It isn’t a abrupt knock-off program; it keeps growing and changing as your bag needs abound and evolve. The other fads didn’t last at your alignment, but Six Sigma will.

About the author:
Peter Peterka is President of Six Sigma us. For supplementary advice on Six Sigma DMAIC or other Six Sigma Blooming Girdle Training project programs contact Peter Peterka.

Originall posted April 19, 2012