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Until about 10 age ago, bag advice guru’s used to add that the ace bag to be in was the one you knew most about!

That statement is disputable. And, even if it were accurate then, it certainly is not accurate today! Here’s why:

No matter what skills you accept or what trade or profession you are in, the amount of almighty dollar you can earn is severely limited by the figure of hours in the day you can assignment. Aha!

So any more we can add:

A bigger bag is one in which you can enlist and train others to accomplish what you can accomplish. This leaves you chargeless to administer and abound the bag,

Even so, we still can’t add that it is ace bag to be in. We can’t add it as some trades and professions accept much higher billable hourly rates than others.

Copywriting, and especially direct-response copywriting, is undoubtedly one of the highest paid professions in the apple!

Copywriters tend to be appealing acute. A copywriter and an attorney are discussing fees:

Solicitor: “My fees alpha at $150 an hour.”
Copywriter: “I charge from $1 a chat.”
Solicitor: “Wow! I can’t anticipate of any chat worth a $1.Gimme an archetype?”
Copywriter: “Gimme a $1.”
Solicitor: “Okay. Here’s your $1.”
Copywriter: “THANKS!”

So, is copywriting the apple’s ace bag to be in?

I add NO!

I add Info-Marketing on the Internet is undoubtedly the apple’s ace bag to be in!

It doesn’t necessarily accept to be an e-book that reveals copywriting
secrets and a list of words that sell. Although that would sell able-bodied to a
bag-2-bag marketplace. But it does accept to be an info-product that’s designed to satisfy the needs and wants of a specific alcove marketplace.

Child’s play, huh?

Able-bodied, not exactly. If it were that child’s play, everybody with a how-to info-book and a direct-response website would be affluent.

As I beam it, alone about 5% of Internet sites accomplish millions. The remaining bunch of hopefuls is still struggling.

Jeff Walker, Product Launch a leading Internet marketing expert, says:

“Everyone has heard the adventure of the Internet being paved with gold… but alone a precious few are bringing at ease that gold. There are thousands of websites that won’t even breach even. Most of those sites are moribund… sitting there with products that don’t sell. They will wither away, and then amuse blown off the Internet according to some dried-up piece of tumbleweed.”

Internet marketing expert, Cody Maya, Private Tag Books, says,

“The average cost of a copywriting project is $5,000–and that’s aloof for one sales letter. You charge three things to succeed on the Internet:

#1. You charge a abundant product.
#2. You charge to be able to amuse traffic to your site.
#3. You charge to be able to convert those prospects into customers.”

Internet marketing is abundant. It is not cheap. It is not accessible and the learning curve for the average Joe Schmoe is apperception-boggling.

It takes a aerial degree of sophistication, and a lot of almighty dollar to buy the affectionate of tools that will enable you to put your bag on Auto-Aviator, “while you aspersion on the beach in Hawaii with your laptop and accomplish a ton of almighty dollar even while you sleep.”

Yanik Silver, one of the top guns in Internet Marketing told me he spent nearly $50,000 (a ton of almighty dollar) on advanced products and doing research last year!

So, I charge to qualify what I said earlier about selling an info-product on the Internet. Here’s my revised statement:

“Selling an info-product on the Internet to a able-bodied-defined alcove marketplace is the apple’s ace bag to be in–for those who apperceive what they are doing and accept the almighty dollar to accomplish it.”

So, you can’t aloof fly into flying.
You anticipate ample but you alpha baby!
You accept to apprentice to airing before you can apprentice to amble!

Some 30 age ago, self-fabricated multi-millionaire Joe Karbo stated a actual child’s play rectness:

“Most bodies are too active working to accomplish
a living to ever accomplish added than aloof a living.”

In his book, “How to Be Affluent,” the unpunctual billionaire J. Paul Getty said that the alone road to amuse affluent is to alpha your own bag and assignment at manufacture yourself affluent, rather than your employer!

For over 20 age I accept been searching to acquisition an “ass proof” bag that could be launched by the average Jack or Jill–and with no previous bag acquaintance and babyish or no chief to invest.

I managed to analyze seven businesses that fit that bill.
Here’s my list–not necessarily in adjustment of merit or profitability:

1. At ease and Office Cleaning
2. Handy Person Service
3. Window Washing Service
4. Publishing a Local Ad Magazine
5. Computer Instruction and Repairs
6. Picture and Decorating
7. Pamphlet Distribution
8. Moving Haircutting and Adorableness Service
9. Lawn Cutting and Yard Continuation
10. Captivating Affliction of Snowbird Vacation Homes

I accept written a how-to bag instruction aim for each of the above.
Here’s what I accept to add about the At ease and Office Cleaning Biz:

You could be your own boss–starting today!

“10 Able Reasons Why At ease and Office Cleaning
is One of the Apple’s Ace Businesses to Be In”

1. Low alpha-up cost.

2. You can assignment allotment-age or full age.
Accumulate your day action if you accept one. Assignment evenings and weekends. Don’t abdicate your day action until you are sure you can accomplish added working for yourself than your employer.

3. No Adamantine Selling Involved
The service virtually sells itself as 98% of housewives abhorrence housework so much they bob at the chance of having a “maid” come in to the accomplish all the soil assignment.

4. Unlimited Demand For the Service
Today, as added and added women action out to assignment, they accept less and less age to accomplish housework and attending after a husband and a family. If they can afford it, they bob at the chance of hiring a trustworthy and reliable at ease cleaner.

5. Aerial Hourly Rates
The standard minimum age is a miserly $5.15 an hour. The average hourly percentage for cleaners is $25 an hour. That’s added than four times the minimum wage. Average means that some cleaners charge a low of $20 an hour and others charge a aerial of $30 an hour.

6. No Adapted Skills or Training Required
Either you apperceive what to accomplish or the abode owner tells you what she wants done.

7. The Target Marketplace is Local and Actual Accessible to Contact

8. Ardent Prospects are Accessible to Analyze
Bodies who can afford to hire a cleaning maid alive active lives. They own ample homes with two or added garages. They reside in up-marketplace suburban areas.

9. Actual Child’s play and Inexpensive Marketing Aim
The three ace ways to amuse advanced customers as regulars are:

One: Referrals from existing customers.
Two: Pamphlet Distribution.
Three: Using a tested and proven telephone script designed not to sell the service, but to accomplish an appointment to call and accord a chargeless estimate. Done adapted, the akin of acceptance is a aerial 86%.

10. Unlimited Advance Abeyant
While you can accomplish $1,000 a week doing two, four-hour jobs a day for
five days a week, the road to accomplish really ample almighty dollar is not to accomplish any of
the assignment yourself!

The trick is to hire others to accomplish all the cleaning assignment.
This leaves you chargeless to concentrate on managing and growing the bag.

As the Holly Dejected-blooded, owner of a San Diego based cleaning bag, says,
“You can’t be soliciting advanced customers when you are cleaning a toilet.”

John‘s “At ease Cleaning Bag Aim” is a actuality-packed, step-by-step,
accomplish-it-by-the-numbers adviser that tells you all you charge to apperceive about starting up and succeeding in a at ease-based bag of your own.

While it includes a lot of his own advice on how to advance and administer
the bag, the absolute amount of the Aim is that it contains in-depth interviews with nine acknowledged cleaning bag owners who revealed their most closely guarded trade secrets.

About the author:
John O’Callaghan is CEO of Entrepreneur’s Network, Inc. John specailizes in bag plans for at ease-based businesses that can be launched with babyish or no almighty dollar. Amuse 20 Alpha-up Tips Chargeless. [email protected]

Originall posted June 23, 2012