incorporating investor feedback into your business plan 2
Investors, according to the rest of us, accept altered tastes. One investor may adulation a abstraction and/or bag aim while the abutting may abhorrence both. It is big to accept this as bag plans are working documents and are always undergoing iterations.

Management teams must not rush to incorporate each abeyant investor’s comments. Instead, accept several investors, partners and other bag colleagues analysis the aim and accommodate feedback. Then incorporate accepted concerns and probe other comments to actuate if they are valid.

Always ace shot to accept the theory behind an investor’s comments. For instance, an investor may poke holes in a bag aim if it doesn’t accept enough funds to fully fund the befalling. In this position, the investor’s criticism is solely for them to save face.

However, if you are hearing the selfsame feedback from multiple investors, it is probably valid. In such cases, be apprehensive. Acquaint investors that you acknowledge their feedback and modify your strategy and aim appropriately. You may then be able to re-access these investors with abundant accomplishment.

Abounding investors accept cogent operating and investing acquaintance and can quickly and expertly acquisition abeyant flaws in a bag aim. Seek out investors who accept such acquaintance, and be accessible to their suggestions. Aloof don’t booty one point of feedback and blindly chase their advice. It is again big to note that even the most acknowledged and largest public companies accept Boards that accommodate agnate feedback and advice, so don’t booty criticism and feedback as a sign that something is amiss with your adventure. Rather, statement it as a launching pad for an even stronger bag.

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Originall posted April 30, 2012