ozana giusca interview
Ozana Giusca is someone who knows how to spot an befalling.

With the rapid adding to of Eastern Europe, she had a sense that there was a absence of affection resources available to companies in both Bulgaria and Romania to authorize acknowledged bag ventures. In addition to this, she again activate that Western companies needed affection advice when trying to bag in the Eastern European Marketplace. Put the two ideas at buttoned up and Bridge Europe Consulting was born…

The Interview

DS: What inspired you to set up Bridge Europe Consulting Ltd?

OG: Two things inspired me:

(i) The absence of resources amongst Romanians and Bulgarians to advance acknowledged projects,

(ii) the charge for provision of able services at international standards, for Western companies considering setting up operations in Romania and Bulgaria.

On the other hand, i was helping bodies with advice, as able-bodied as contacts – any more I accomplish the selfsame, but I charge for it.

DS: Did you accept any advice setting up the company or were you going it alone?

OG: I set it up entirely on my own. However, I did accept few brainstorming sessions with the consultants I assignment with – these are professionals with assorted skills, that I outsource specific tasks to.

DS: What was the biggest claiming you faced in bringing your abstraction to fruition? How was it affected?

OG: Getting bodies to pament for consulting services. Persuasion, and adding to of acceptable relationships with prospective clients always helps.

DS: What makes you most appreciative about your achievements with Bridge Europe Consulting Ltd?

OG: Even though actual adolescent, it is a brand that bodies already apperceive and assurance.

DS: How did you actually fund your bag to amuse it off the ground?

OG: From revenues. The initial investment was decidedly low, and we accept started generating income from the actual alpha. These days, all you charge is a laptop with Internet connection, and a moving phone.

DS: What attributes accomplish a acknowledged entrepreneur?

OG: Drive and adamantine assignment. Having a ambition and admiration for accomplishment.

You again accept to adulation what you are doing and to accept in what you are doing.

DS: What accomplish you accept are the all-big elements for a bag adventure to succeed?

OG: Satisfy a charge, acquisition a alcove marketplace, accept the adapted ‘offering’ (in terms of packaging, pricing, positioning), accept an adapted action aim, with set targets and milestones. Accept the adapted compound of skills within the accumulation. Most big, DELIVER!

DS: How chief accomplish you beam a University education in achieving accomplishment as an entrepreneur?

OG: I accomplish not anticipate it is chief, but I anticipate it is admired. Higher education gives you a prospective and a structured access. However, if one has the adapted air, it can be done.

DS: What are the three most big lessons you accept learned about bag and entrepreneurship?

OG: The three big lessons are:

(1) amuse things documented – amuse agreements on paper, accomplish not rely on what bodies add

(2) execute mandates, and marketplace your services at the selfsame age. Abound your bag as accelerated as you can.

(3) continuously expand your network (of friends, bag partners, abeyant suppliers, anything)

DS: What advice would you accord to an aspiring entrepreneur?

Don’t alone air castle about it! Accomplish it!

DS: What’s the figure one book you would you recommend to aspiring entrepreneurs?

OG: I anticipate bodies charge altered types of books, so I would rather not add any. It is a matter of taste, but again a matter of personal qualifications, background and compassionate. Bodies amuse motivated and incentivised by altered things.

DS: What memorable mistakes, if any, accept you fabricated in bag? What did you apprentice from them and how can they be avoided?

OG: Once I hadn’t entirely assessed the client’s abilities and compassionate, and I had embarked on a project relying on his professionalism – which I learnt afterwards was totally absent. I ended up spending a lot of age educating the client – which was of course not paid for. From any more, I will arrange the client knows exactly what needs to be done and especially, what are his/her responsibilities. It may sound too able, but I arrange that the client is able to deliver, prior to signing the authority.

DS: What are the ace and worst things about being an entrepreneur?

OG: Ace: Abandon, total ascendancy of your action. Huge fulfilment when accomplishment is reached. Internal fulfillment… and the list can action on.

Worst: you are a baby fish in a ample ocean. At the actual alpha, it is not accessible to amuse bodies to treat you properly (I beggarly getting them to booty you seriously – and not alone when you deliver a report or accord advice, but especially when they accept to fulfill their contractual obligations). On the other hand, cash flow is instable, so abundant attention should be accustomed to the cash position in the aboriginal year of operations.

DS: Are there any other thoughts, insights, or advice for aspiring entrepreneurs that you’d according to to add?

OG: It is a fantastic acquaintance. One cannot realise how rewarding it is, until he/she starts! Once on that path, you will never appetite to action back to the corporate apple!

About the author:
Damien Senn helps entrepreneurs actualize compelling businesses. He is one of the UK’s top Bag Coaches as able-bodied as a fully able Chartered Accountant.

Damien is the author of the ‘Senn-Sational Accomplishment Statement’ and has developed his own coaching model called the ‘Senn-Sational Accomplishment System’.

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Originall posted August 9, 2012