the number one reason for business failure 2
Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Body a bigger mousetrap, and the apple will beat a path to your door.”

But when you’re starting your own bag, there’s no guarantee that your “mousetrap” is going to survive, especially in today’s accelerated-paced bag apple.

Nearly half of all baby businesses fail within the aboriginal two age of operation. The figure one astuteness for bag failure is inadequate planning. The second astuteness is under-capitalization.

So before you mortgage your abode, or action into debt financing your bag, you charge to apperceive if your bag is going to accomplish added than survive — you appetite to apperceive if it’s acceptable enough to thrive! Here are three things acknowledged businesses that accept stayed in bag for five age or longer accept in accepted:

1. The abstraction. A acknowledged bag alpha-up always starts with an abstraction. Something that makes your bag stand out from all the rest. So how accomplish you apperceive if you’ve got a acceptable abstraction?

You’ve probably got a acceptable abstraction if you can answer affirmative to any of the following questions: Does your abstraction accommodate the solution to a cogent botheration for your target marketplace? Does it satisfy a charge or appetite? Does it actualize an befalling?

The most acknowledged businesses either fix problems (either absolute or perceived), or they access your customer’s pleasure. They actualize a repeat charge for a product or service among the target marketplace.

2. The marketplace. Your chances of survival are bigger if you can answer the following questions with a affirmative: Is there already a marketplace for your product or service? (It’s much easier to fill a charge than trying to actualize an entirely advanced marketplace.) Can your target marketplace afford to buy your products or services? (If they can’t afford it, it doesn’t matter how abundant it is, you won’t sell any!) Will your target marketplace perceive your product or service as admired? (If they appetite it, but don’t anticipate it’s worth what you’re selling it for, you won’t accomplish any sales.)

3. Your adeptness. Accomplish you accept the bodies, the resources and the adeptness to be able to consistently accommodate your products or services to your target marketplace? Can you advance a competitive advantage? Accomplish you accept enough manpower? Can you purchase the supplies and materials you charge over the continued amble?

Your aboriginal step always is to actualize a solid bag aim. Your bag aim is added than an essay on “Why I deserve to amuse funding for my abstraction” however. Don’t spend all the age creating a bag aim and then toss it in the bottom drawer of your desk. Your bag aim should be a living, breathing roadmap that helps you accomplish sure you’re on course and reaching the goals that you set for your bag.

The second step to bag survival is getting enough financing. Although the chat “bootstrap entrepreneur” describes most baby bag owners, having enough chief to be able to accumulate your bag afloat is basic to your survival.

When you’re creating your financial analysis of your bag, accomplish sure you’re being realistic about costs and expenditures, so that you accord yourself the cushion you charge to succeed.

If finding financing is a botheration, either as you don’t accept enough credit or equity, or there are other problems, booty the age to attending into the resources that are available in your community. There are a wide array of grants and loans (including microloans) for entrepreneurs, if you apperceive where to attending.

Some abundant resources will be:
-The Baby Bag Administration
-Local Baby Bag Adding to Centers
-Women’s Organizations
-Local University or Community College
-Chamber of Commerce
-SCORE (The Association for Retired Executives)
-Nonprofit organizations that assignment on economic adding to in your area

Statement other acknowledged bag models as a adviser. When you’re getting started, attending around. What businesses are acknowledged? Why? What is it they’re doing that is working? What attributes accomplish you admire, and why? You stand a bigger chance of succeeding if you’re modeling someone who is already acknowledged.

Acquisition a mentor. Most entrepreneurs accept abundant skills and abilities, but no one does everything able-bodied. You probably already apperceive what your strengths and weaknesses are. (If not, there are abounding resources and tools that can advice you figure it out!) Rather than ignoring your weaknesses, acquisition a mentor who can advice you either body your skills in your weaker areas, or action advice for getting what you charge.

If you booty the age to aim to succeed, you could be creating a legacy that will be enjoyed by approaching generations, and that other entrepreneurs will attending at as a model for building their own businesses.

About the author:
Hans Hasselfors is a acknowledged at ease bag entrepreneur and internet marketing consultant. Amuse the grasp working for you. Accompany a community of according to-minded authors and publishers and accomplish your living online. Alter to a member of our article directory.

Originall posted November 24, 2012