the seven blatant blunders of first time audio product producers
Once entrepreneurs and solo-professionals amuse the abstraction they can inscription their own ticket with self-produced audio products, they amuse aflame. Really aflame.

And that’s the rub.

As folks that are aflame accept a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Which is acceptable. But they again are hell curved on squandering that energy on any abstraction that comes to apperception. Which is not so acceptable.

As, the worst abode to accomplish a aberration is adapted at the alpha of your adventure. And a aberration in the early stages of your product creation job can not alone sink that aboriginal project, but discourage you from EVER producing anything again.

There are Seven Blatant Blunders that novice audio product creators accomplish repeatedly. And while these aren’t the alone pitfalls you’ll accept to analog analog watch out for, they are the ones that will rear up when you least expect it, to bite you on the you-apperceive-where:

BLATANT BLUNDER #1 — What I Appetite, Not What They Appetite

If manufacture almighty dollar was not a absoluteness of bag, we could produce anything we appetite. But, for most of us, manufacture almighty dollar is crucial. I can’t bethink the last age my publician accepted my acceptable intentions and candied smile as payment in full.

Still, its shocking to beam how abounding folks avoid this actuality when choosing their aboriginal products. They’ve generally had a air castle or a fantasy of aloof what they would actualize if they alone knew how.

But once they apprentice how, they forget that it takes two to tango. And if your marketplace does not share your air castle, you’re going to borderline up with an expensive failure.

Attending, I’m not saying to pander to the lowest accepted denominator to accomplish a buck. I am saying you charge to acquisition the blessed affair point between what you accomplish ace, what you adulation to accomplish, and what your marketplace is ready to buy BEFORE you decide on your aboriginal product.


While bodies are generally terrified of disc audio, once they apprentice how accessible it can be, the pendulum swings in the other direction. Suddenly, even a Steven Spielberg extravaganza looks too baby.

The ace affair you can accomplish for your production job is to alpha baby. Accomplish whatever you can to amuse a modest project out there quickly, even if it means doing a 15-minute chargeless program that you accord away at your speaking engagements.

Confidence is contagious. The ace road to body confidence is to amuse your aboriginal disc out the door and seeing the blessed smiling faces of bodies who snap it up. Amuse focused – amuse child’s play – and amuse something done.

And allowance the multi-allotment mini-series for subsequent.


Accurate, simply creating a decent product will lift your profile in the eyes of your customers.

But it won’t amuse you on Oprah.

Abounding aboriginal-age producers aloof don’t amuse that simply producing abundant audio does not assure accomplishment. You accept to accomplish sure those who can statement from it KNOW aloof how admired it is, manufacture the cost of NOT buying it seem much higher than the cost of buying it.

For abounding folks their air castle of accomplishment included an appearance on Orpah.

The acceptable statement is that you can accomplish a boatload of almighty dollar without getting within a thousand mile radius of her appearance. And the energy of that fantasy can ace be channeled towards achieving added down to earth goals.

Accurate – if you body it, they will come. But they may NOT come in sufficient figure to accomplish it worth your while. Bull's eye on what you can accomplish NOW. And allowance Oprah for subsequent.


I always acquaint my clients “Buzz not what you can accomplish for your audio, buzz what AUDIO CAN DO FOR YOU.”

However, most folks amuse stuck adapted at the alpha by asking “What project should I produce?” When the catechism they should be asking is “What accomplish I appetite this project to accomplish for my bag?” Is it building a huge mailing list? Is it creating sales on your website? Is it having a substantial product to sell at your alive appearances? Or is it having a bonus to entice folks to sign up for your aerial borderline services?

Audio is not an borderline in itself – but a means to accomplish what you appetite in your bag. Bodies who ace shot to decide what project to produce BEFORE asking what they appetite that project to accomplish are working actual adamantine for their audio. My suggestion is to turn the tables, put strategy FIRST, and let your audio assignment actual adamantine for YOU.


An upsell is simply a road of manufacture supplementary almighty dollar from bodies who accept aloof bought (or are in the action) of buying something else from you. For archetype, if you are giving a alive workshop, accord attendees the befalling to purchase an supplementary product that builds upon what they’ve discovered in your workshop.

As its so much easier to serve your existing raving fans than to ace shot to earn advanced ones, an upsell is an able strategy. Don’t avoid the actuality that a purchase is a vote of confidence. And when bodies accept purchased (or are in the action of purchasing) is the BEST age to add supplementary amount by giving them a GREAT DEAL on a supplemental product.


Folks who beam their audio merely as a stand alone offering, rather than a component of an entire parcel or bundle of products and services, are absent out on a huge portion of their profits.

As, strange as it sounds, bodies are actually happier to spend added almighty dollar with you if they air they are getting a abundant deal. The selfsame person who complains about the price of bread going up 20 cents, will, in the abutting breath, crow about the $3,000 they saved on their $50,000 Mercedes.

Bodies adulation a acceptable deal – and will happily spend a lot with you if that’s what they air they are getting. I’m not saying you shouldn’t sell your products alone. I am saying you must ALSO attending for ways you can bundle your audio products with other services.


In a absolute apple, your audio would affair a secret signal, audible alone to your target marketplace, that would hypnotize them to buy. But until that’s perfected, you’re going to accept to acquisition ways to amuse the chat out.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to accomplish this. Public appearances are abundant as audiences amuse a chance to specimen you ‘in the flesh’. And its generally a baby step for them to ‘booty you at ease with them’ by purchasing your products. Distributing chargeless articles to body your mailing list is another age-tested road to accomplish this happen. You can again link your audio to publicity for a book, e-book or workshop you’ve already got going.

There are abounding ways to amuse visibility for your project. And its astute to put some anticipation into how you’re going to accomplish that BEFORE you document. As the alone affair worse than being all dressed up with nowhere to action, is to accept 100 copies of your aboriginal CD sitting in your closet without the slightest abstraction of how you’re going to amuse them into the hands of your customers.


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