the ultimate business model creating residual income streams
Every acknowledged bag has understood and mastered one basic principle. That principle can be summed up in two words: Repeat Bag.

Pick any above bag agname: Microsoft, Walmart, McDonald’s…

The astuteness behind their accomplishment is repeat bag – the child’s play actuality that most of their customers are repeat buyers. Sure, they amuse advanced customers as generally as they can. But the majority of their bag, and profits, come from repeat buyers. These businesses depend on their existing customers to earn consistent profits.

And it’s no surprise that the figure one astuteness most businesses action out of bag actual quickly is this…they don’t booty affliction of they existing customers. They don’t body a accord with them, and they definitely don’t sell to them added than once.

Aloof about every bag you beam, either online or offline, is so active finding “advanced” customers that they forget about their existing customers.

You appetite to apperceive what the biggest marketing secret on the planet is? This is it. This is the biggest secret. It’s not coming up with advanced marketing ideas or trying every advanced marketing twist that you hear about, or running after every advanced marketing handbook that hits the interlacing promising to advise you a advanced marketing trick.

The secret really is no secret these days…

Repeat Bag!

That’s the secret to bag and marketing accomplishment!

One of the most able things you can accomplish to body your bag and accomplish a killing in profits is to sell to the selfsame customers over and over again. There’s annihilation amiss with finding advanced customers, as continued as you abide to sell to your existing customers! That’s where the absolute almighty dollar is.

It’s a child’s play strategy. It’s a able strategy! And it works actual able-bodied for me and for abounding other marketers. Having your own responsive “opt-in” mailing list allows you to statement that strategy.

But… what if I told you that there’s something even bigger?!

What if I told you that you could sell to a customer aloof once, and earn a profit every single month, for abounding, abounding age – maybe even for the rest of your action?!

And what if I told you that you are not limited to the figure of customers you can sell to? That means that if you were to sell this to 100, 1,000, or even 10,000 customers, you would earn a profit from each of those customers every single month, without having to lift a finger to accomplish any supplementary assignment?

Able-bodied… accept it or not, a bag according to that exists! And you can be a allotment of it so you can claim your share of the profits adapted any more!

Any more, you will still charge to acquisition your customers. That goes without saying, and you’re probably doing that adapted any more anyway. But the adorableness of this system is… that’s all you accept to accomplish!

Everything else is done for you! The product, the selling, the chase-ups, and accept it or not, even the customer abutment is taken affliction of for you!

That leaves you with a lot of age and energy that you usually would accept spent on doing the above tasks. With this model, you can statement all that saved age and energy on getting added customers and increasing you cash payments every month!

That is the bitter borderline bag model!

The structure of this bitter borderline bag model is child’s play. It includes a product or service that customers appetite and are ready to pament for, not aloof once but every single month!

That means you sell to the customer aloof once and amuse paid every month for as continued as that person remains a customer.

And as someone else takes affliction of the product, the selling, the adjustment fulfillment, the customer service and the repeat sales every month, you are freed from those tasks so you can concentrate on getting added customers and increasing your monthly profits!

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Originall posted December 18, 2011