turn your email sign off into results seven step checklist for success
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Okie dokie. The basics. What exactly is an email sign-off?

Your sign-off is the allotment of your email — with your agname, company, phone, etc. — that comes adapted after your content message.

To be above board, I acquisition most email sign-offs appealing arid. (And I acquisition some of them appealing annoying!)

Most generally, however, I beam absent opportunities.

In this article, we’ll be captivating a attending at how aloof a few child’s play changes to your email signature can accomplish a BIG aberration to your bag.

Let’s analyze….


I anticipate it’s incredible — since most of the emails I amuse are from coaches and baby bag owners — but I amuse at least a couple of emails a day with certainly no sign-off at all.

That’s adapted. No company agname, and no contact advice. Emails sometimes even arrive without the sender’s last agname!

This is not alone a squander of a absolute marketing befalling, it’s appealing bad bag. There’s annihilation able about a bag email without basic bag advice.


Every email you send out should accommodate basic advice about you and your company:

* Your agname (aboriginal and last)
* Company Agname
* Bag phone
* Email inscription

Tip: Why accommodate your email inscription here, when the reader can beam it at the top of the email? Simply as it’s easier for the reader to accept all of your contact advice in one abode — especially if he decides to add it to his inscription book or contact employer.

A basic email signature might again accommodate:

* Your title or bag designation
* Company logo and/or tag line
* Your photo
* Fax and/or cell phone figure
* Website inscription

Tip: If you accommodate any graphics (photo, logo, etc.) be sure to statement baby files that will download quickly and easily for the reader. (For me, any file I charge to wait for falls into that ‘annoying’ category.)


Here’s the deal. Your email signature is the absolute abode to accommodate advice about your bag, your products, or your services. Why?

* You’re writing — or responding — to someone you apperceive is already absorbed in you, or your bag
* You apperceive your message will be seen
* Email is a accustomed abode to call something advanced, or absorbing
* It’s totally non-intrusive
* It’s accessible
* It doesn’t cost you a affair!

So, booty a minute to anticipate about something about your bag — or your products — that you’d according to to acquaint bodies about. For archetype:

* Your upcoming workshop, seminar, or teleclasses
* Your book or audio product
* An improvement you’ve fabricated to an existing product or program
* Advanced bag location, or expanded bag hours
* Your advanced website

Choose one of these ideas any more, and booty it buttoned up the abutting few steps in this article….


To decorate, let’s add you decide to statement your email signature to acquaint bodies about an upcoming teleclass.

I can visualize several answers to the catechism, “What’s in it for you?”

* advanced bag leads
* ‘alive’ interaction with solid bag prospects
* revenue (if you’re charging a charge for the class)
* befalling to introduce participants to your other products and services
* getting your agname out into the bag community
* befalling to shine as an expert in your field
* chat-of-mouth advertising from your teleclass participants

If you’d according to your email signature to attract advanced clients — and sales — be sure to bull's eye on “What’s in it for THEM?”

Going back to the teleclass archetype, what will participants amuse out of it? (advice, amusing, interaction, ambitious to acquisition facts or tips, a aim/strategy, etc.)

What botheration accomplish they accept that this teleclass will advice resolve? Where are they struggling? (stress, frustration, ill health, isolation, financial troubles, charge added clients, absence of confidence, etc.)

Jot down at least two benefits your reader will amuse from your product. And then inscription a sentence or two that simply tells them this — and shows them how to adjustment or sign up (alive links, please!).

Add your contact advice, and you’ve got a able email signature!

Tip: To advance your results, add an action — or a astuteness for the reader to booty action NOW.


Bethink I said that email signatures are totally non-intrusive? I was describing ablaze, concise, able-bodied-written email signatures; yours, I achievement!

Booty a abrupt peek into your email “Sent” box. If you’re anything according to me, most emails you send out are 10-20 lines continued. Abounding are probably alone 2-3 lines.

Don’t inscription an email signature that’s longer than most of your emails!

I’m a member of several email list-serves (coaching, writing, publishing) and not suprisingly, every one of them has rules about email signatures. The maximum ‘suggested’ length is between 7-8 lines.

Statement this length advocacy as a adviser when developing yours. Anticipate 3-4 lines to amuse your marketing message across, and 3-4 lines for your basic contact advice. That’s all you charge.


Okay, one catechism that generally pops up is whether to statement a “content alone” or “html” email sign-off (generally called ‘signature’ in your mail program).

In my apperception, that totally depends on your audience.

If you assignment with a fairly tech-savvy accumulation of bodies, and would according to to add the graphics and formatting that are possible with html, action for it. For some audiences, however, html is a aberration — since it’ll appearance up as an unreadable mass of code if they don’t accept the software to decode it properly.

Not sure? Stick to child’s play content email messages and sign-offs.

In the former couple of age, email signatures accept alter to incredibly child’s play to accomplish (technically, that is!). Here’s where to acquisition basic instructions from two of the most popular email programs:

Outlook: Tools > Options > Mail Format > Signatures
AOL: Mail > Set Mail Signatures > Actualize

For other mail programs, check the Advice menu, or inscription to customer abutment. These days, virtually every ISP will has a road for you to add an email signature — with or without a marketing message — quickly and easily.

Tip: Booty a minute or two adapted any more to inscription a advanced email signature, and amuse it into your email statement.


Ever accept this acquaintance: You drive former the selfsame billboard day after day, and after while, you literally don’t beam it at all?

The selfsame holds accurate for email sign-offs. After several emails with the selfsame sign-off, your readers won’t ‘beam’ it any added. So inscription several sign-offs — for the selfsame product, or for altered products or programs — to accumulate them fresh and advanced.

Each age you inscription one, buzz yourself:

* Does it accommodated your marketing algid? (What’s in it for you?)
* Does it action a absolute statement to your reader? (What’s in it for them?)
* Is it ablaze and concise? (7-8 lines, including your contact advice)

Statement these three questions as guidelines, and you’ll be able-bodied on your road to creating email sign-offs that’ll attract customers — and access sales.

About the author:
Ace-selling author Kathy Gulrich helps clients amuse from abstraction, to action, to results – added quickly, and added easily – whether they’re looking to inscription a book, advance a advanced product, or marketplace their product or bag. Clients adulation her direct, no-absurdity access – and her affable insistence on abundant results. Acquisition out for yourself: Check out one of Kathy’s teleclasses, or pick up a chargeless worksheet, at http://www.smARTbusinessCoaching.com

Originall posted December 4, 2012