who cares what you think
“I abhorrence pop-ups!”
“Audio that starts on a website without warning is annoying.”
“What’s with these 15-20 page sales letters that aloof action on and on? I would never buy anything from a site according to that.”
“I abhorrence those websites that accomplish me accord their email inscription before giving me any advice. When I beam those, I click away immediately.”
And the list of complaints goes on.
If we abhorrence these things, plus our website visitors and marketing peers acquaint us they abhorrence these things, we should bar using them, adapted?
Authority it adapted there. Basing your marketing accommodation completely on opinions and preferences is one of the biggest mistakes you can accomplish. It doesn’t matter if it’s your assessment or if 10 bodies emailed you to acquaint you that your website annoys them. NEVER accomplish a astuteness based on an assessment. What we anticipate and prefer has annihilation to accomplish with the RESULTS of our marketing.
Any more, don’t amuse me amiss. I’m not saying to avoid your gut feelings or disregard your abeyant customers. I’m saying – analysis it out.
We apperceive everyone hates pop-ups, but the actuality is they assignment when used effectively.
Audio that starts when you appointment a website can be highly irritating, but abounding website owners report increased conversions when they accomplish aloof that.
Continued sales letters can be actual able when selling an alone product…aloof buzz apple-class copywriter Michel Fortin who has helped bodies sell millions online.
I again apperceive someone who runs a 7-figure yearly bag and has switched all his websites to the agname-squeeze (you apperceive, those idiotic pages that buzz for your agname and email before giving you any info?)…and he makes added almighty dollar any more.
Does this beggarly you must blindly statement these “irritating techniques”? Nah…your bag is altered and you charge to base your decisions on algid adamantine facts (i.e. your testing data) so you can accomplish added algid adamantine cash.

About the author:
Alice Seba is a full-age online bag owner that thrives on helping others add acceptable-bye to their J-O-Bs forever. Sign up for her “Internet Marketing Prescriptions” to cure what ails your online bag: http://www.AliceSeba.com

Originall posted July 14, 2012