you quit your job and started up your own business now how do you make it work
Ok, so you�ve abdicate your action and started up your own bag.

You�ve got affection, you�ve got drive and you accept a abundant abstraction that you anticipate bodies will adulation.

But you add to yourself �Hang on a minute, there�s got to be added to it than that�.

Able-bodied, you are adapted…and the scary affair is that if you don�t apprentice the ropes accelerated, there is a aerial probability of failure.

Depending on which statistics you attending at, it has been said that within the aboriginal 5 age, 4 out of 5 advanced businesses action out of bag…..and within 10 age, alone 1 in 10 businesses will survive.

If you were a betting person, you probably wouldn�t according to those odds. And yet every day, abounding bodies lay it all on the line and enter the bag apple with the achievement of fulfilling their air castle…a air castle of abandon, lifestyle and prosperity.

So what can you accomplish to act the odds added in your favour and advance your chances of accomplishment?

There are a wide scope of strategies and processes for businesses to inscription and there are a thousand books around to acquaint you exactly how to accomplish it. The botheration is, where accomplish you alpha?

To advice simplify the action, I accept fabricated a list of 10 steps that as a minimum, every bag owner must chase.

1. Bag Aim. A bag aim is critical to achieving consistent advance in any bag. The benefits of a bag aim are realised immediately buttoned up the action of aloof thinking clearly about your bag for an extended period of age, and buttoned up illuminating the areas of your bag that charge fixing.

2. Customer Database. At the borderline of the day, your customers are the most admired asset you accept in your bag. You should be captivating every befalling to collect the names and contact details of your customers and communicating with them on a regular basis.

3. Systems. Systems are chief for ensuring that you accommodate a consistent akin of service to your customers and so that you accept the financial performance of your bag. They will again enable the bag to amble without you being there every minute of the day.

4. Staff Incentives. You�ve probably heard the expression �If you pament peanuts you amuse monkeys�. That expression directly translates into bad bodies equal a bad company. To attract abundant bodies, progressive companies are keenly aware that they charge to foster personal albatross and accommodate direct reward for measurable results.

5. Staff meetings. Meetings are an befalling to inspire your bodies and thereby your bag. They again accord your bodies a sense of belonging buttoned up the action of sharing advice.

6. Marketing. Marketing is not aloof about getting added customers, it�s again about retaining the customers you accept, generating ongoing sales from existing customers, increasing your profit buttoned up amount adding, creating a sense of loyalty within your accumulation and creating an angel of your bag in the minds of the consumer. In actuality marketing is the most big of all accomplishment strategies in your bag, as if you can�t acquisition a buyer for your product or service, annihilation else you accomplish will matter!

7. Branding. Branding is about creating and communicating a set of values to the consumer of your product or service. Your aim should be to stamp your logo onto the brains of your customers every age they are in the action of buying your product or service.

8. Bag Angel. Aboriginal impressions count for a lot. Addressing your bag angel is all about paying attention to the babyish things that will exceed your customers expectations.

9. Guarantee. How does a customer truly accept they are going to accept amount from doing bag with you? They will alone apperceive this if you are prepared to booty added risk in the transaction than they are…and this promise is delivered buttoned up your guarantee.

10. Customer affliction. Every bag should accept a chase up system that extends sincere thanks to every advanced customer and for their ongoing patronage. When was the last age you received a �thankyou� from someone that you did bag with? Probably never…so how accomplish you anticipate your customers will respond when they accept a thankyou from you?

If you booty action in each of these 10 areas, you will not alone be 2 steps in front of your competition, but you may actual able-bodied be within touching distance of living your air castle.

So action ahead, don�t wait a moment longer…booty action today as it is alone massive action that will bring you massive results!

About the author:
Stephen James specialises in teaching baby bag owners able sales and marketing systems that unlock ample amounts of untapped cash within their bag for low or aught cost. Be sure to sign up for your FREE access to The Bag Club at: advance the chargeless articles, ebooks and other advice that can add to your marketing!

Originall posted May 31, 2012