10 money saving tips for home businesses

by Lesley Spencer, MSc; Founder & President HBWM.com Inc.

One of the most accepted obstacles abounding at ease-based working moms face is trying to alpha or amble a advanced bag on a limited budget. The aboriginal few age
of a bag are usually the hardest financially. Some moms allowance full-age
careers and substantial salaries to alpha a advanced bag. Others alpha a
at ease bag as stay-at-at ease moms wanting supplementary income to abutment
their family as able-bodied as a able outlet to balance their diaper-changing days.

In either position, starting and running a at ease-based bag takes almighty dollar. How much almighty dollar, will depend partly on you and the type of bag you choose to amble.

Below are our top 10 tips to save you and your at ease bag almighty dollar:

1. Accomplish your own marketplace research by talking to abeyant clients or
customers. Abounding advanced at ease bag owners skip this step alone to come
back to it subsequent (or ambition they had). Those who alpha businesses without doing
any type of research risk the possibility that their target marketplace doesn’t charge or appetite their particular product or service. The competition may be too fierce. There may not be enough abeyant customers to abutment the
bag. Or the product isn’t priced correctly. It is aloof as big not to price your product too low as it is not to price it too aerial. Speak to others
in agnate businesses as yours to beam how much they charge and what they action for that price.

2. Accumulation up with other non-competitive businesses that target the
selfsame marketplace to accomplish some co-marketing. For archetype, desktop publishers and
print shops can accomplish a direct mail campaign at buttoned up advertising both of their services or buy an ad in a local publication and split the costs. Neither is in competition with the other. They again can hand out bag cards or flyers for one another as able-bodied as accord chat-of-mouth referrals. It’s a
abundant road to twin one’s marketing efforts while splitting any advertising

3. When you accept a satisfied customer, don’t be afraid to buzz for referrals. Bodies according to to advice others especially advanced businesses trying to succeed. Appearance pride in your assignment and bodies are sure to apprehension. And when they accomplish, buzz if they apperceive any others you can send a brochure or specimen to. Another abundant road to animate referrals is to action a discount or adapted action for any customers who are referred to you.

4. Barter or trade your services for other products or services
you charge. Associations and organizations are not alone abundant places to network; they are again abundant for finding businesses that action services and products you charge. Attending for businesses you could advice with your product or service and action to barter or trade for theirs. (Be sure to check with your levy able for levy issues involving bartering and trading.). Diana Ennen of Virtual Chat Publishing(http://www.virtualwordpublishing.com) has activate bartering her virtual assisting coaching has allowed her to amuse interlacing architecture assignment done, PR assignment out, proofing of assignments and much added. It’s a achievement/achievement for all.

5. Acquisition another at ease-based working mom to swap babysitting with. All at ease-based working moms charge some dedicated age to assignment on their bag tasks. By swapping with another mom, both can assignment on their businesses without adding to their childcare costs.

6. When buying advanced office equipment, action to a abode that offers a low-price guarantee. You can save age and almighty dollar by shopping at places that will refund any aberration in price if you acquisition the product cheaper elsewhere.

7. If you are looking for computer equipment, accede buying used
equipment. Attending in the classifieds and speak to others that may apperceive someone looking to upgrade. Buzz for warranty advice and accomplish sure the appliance is in acceptable working condition. Again booty a attending at the computer companies offering refurbished machines. Some are priced accordingly and usually come with some type of warranty.

8. Send postcards for direct mail solicitation. They are cheaper to print and less expensive to mail. Another advantage is that they are added likely to be peruse since they booty no accomplishment to accessible.

9. If you hire sales advice, pament by commission alone so you alone spend almighty dollar if you accomplish almighty dollar. A salesperson can access your sales without adding any up-front fees or salaries.

10. Statement pre-printed architecture papers for letterhead, brochures and bag
cards if you alone charge a baby amount. The papers can be activate at most ample office supply stores, and they are abundant for advanced businesses trying to amuse started on a baby budget.

These almighty dollar-saving ideas should advice with your budget but advanced bag
owners again charge plenty of drive and determination to succeed. It takes
age to advance and abound a bag so be patient and accord it all you’ve got!

About the Author

Lesley Spencer is founder and president of the HBWM.com Network
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Originall posted June 17, 2012