18 caveats on how not to change

Chicken feed is not child’s play. Why accomplish we repeat behavior that doesn’t assignment? Especially those actions that advance to stifling debt, disappointing careers, or stuck relationships? Then accomplish it harder, yet expect a altered aftereffect? Why is it not accessible that trying to exit an aged adventure by simply writing a “bigger ending” alone recreates the selfsame adventure, and ensures that we remain in it? That a thousand bigger endings to an aged adventure don’t actualize a advanced adventure? That the former cannot be changed and is a settled matter? That too generally, we beam ourselves as the victims of the stories that we author and the feelings we actualize?
18 Caveats on avoiding chicken feed:
1. Bull's eye on the system. Devote adapted attention to the things that seem frustrating, out of your ascendancy, and impossible to inscription: politics, corporations, and economics. Systems must remain in bull's eye as broad categories in adjustment to air distanced and disaffected.
2. Advance a bull's eye on theory. Avoid detail, singular aspects, and application. Remain conceptual about how to transform assorted systems, about what needs to be done, maintaining the frustration of what seems to abide out of your ascendancy.
3. Accept that the answer will arise when you step out of the box, or when you simply oppose the system.
4. Accumulate the point of reference foreigner; accumulate believing that the antithesis of conformity is opposition; apperceive that one or the other of these foreigner points of reference of conformity or opposition holds the absolute rectness.
5. Accomplish not decide. Acquiesce the urgency of a bearings to decide for you. The gravity of a last-minute emergency forces action and avoids planning. Waiting for the deadline excuses albatross for thoroughness and excellence.
6. Accept that the answer is added rules and further structure.
7. Debate the accessible, and accord energy to the controversial.
8. Accept in experts unequivocally, and that expertise is authoritative. Dismiss any angle that expertise is perceived, processed, and filtered buttoned up assumptions, acceptance systems, and prejudices of experts.
9. Accomplish not seek your own advice or advance your own solutions when you accept experts to listen to. Rather, acquisition someone to accommodate a map for you and avoid anyone who wants to advice you advance your own guidance system to navigate.
10. Always acquisition some statement and aftereffect accord to statement for things otherwise not understandable. Advance a consistent foreigner bull's eye to blame someone, or acquisition some tangible explanation that offers a specific, concrete bull's eye on what is amiss. Warning: much assignment is required to advance this caveat, as you must be certain that the bar can never be totally removed, or its causal aftereffect would accept to be confronted as inaccurate. The perceived statement must always be aloof beyond grasp and remedy in adjustment to remain as blame.
11. Accumulate doing the selfsame affair and expect a altered outcome. If the outcome doesn’t chicken feed for the bigger, accomplish the selfsame affair harder.
12. Be suspicious of advanced ideas.
13. Advanced ideas, being perturbators of the existing system, must be curbed if not silenced.
14. Meticulously guard against mistakes; the ace road to be sure to avoid mistakes is to accumulate doing the selfsame affair again and again with perfection as the ambition.
15. Advance a bull's eye on failure, giving it the proper statement of abhorrence so that it remains ever in bull's eye with its guiding principle of avoidance.
16. Be decidedly wary of advanced strategies and solutions, and invest instead in enforcement of the existing access.
17. When you accomplish mistakes, bull's eye on the mistakes and advance to amuse them adapted.
18. Abide to authority prejudices as they are markers of emotional landmines.

About the Author

David Krueger, M.D. is an Executive Strategist/ Able Coach (www.executivestrategist.biz) Email [email protected] He is author of 11 books. This article is excerpted from Dr. Krueger’s 12th book, soon to be published, LIVE A NEW LIFE STORY: The Essentials of Chicken feed, Reinvention, and Personal Accomplishment.

Originall posted July 27, 2012