a job is not a job

It alone happened on Mondays. Sometimes I escaped the unpleasant ritual. But, added generally than not, adapted before boarding I threw up in the ladies room of the train station. It wasn’t the commute I hated. It was the action.

The reasons don’t matter why a action I once enjoyed turned into a action I didn’t. It happens. Bosses chicken feed, companies chicken feed, priorities chicken feed, budgets chicken feed, responsibilities chicken feed. Some changes bring personal advance and befalling. Some don’t.

What does matter was the lesson learned that stayed with me the rest of my job: a action is not aloof a action. That action I hated helped my checking statement. But my confidence, creativity, health, energy for action and appearance of the apple was not as fortunate. When the alarm clock sounded, my previous excitement to face a advanced day became cocoon-according to behavior, both in and out of the covers, wanting protection from another day’s battle. It was safer for those I loved to refrain from sharing big issues or concerns with me, never alive how I would respond.

How you spend a cogent allotment of your day rubs off on the rest of your day, and on those you share your action with. Over age, it rubs off on your action. I’m not talking about impermanent potholes and assignment hiccups that come with chicken feed or periods of assignment intensity, or the interim choices to access finances, or the accustomed setbacks and challenges that should be dealt with at assignment. I’m talking about the continued chat match between who you are and the action you accept. When you’re in a action that’s acceptable for you, you can air it. And you can air it when you’re not. I accede with Barbara DeAngeles, “No action is a acceptable action if it isn’t acceptable for you.”

You beam, you can’t be winning at working if you don’t according to what you’re doing, where you’re doing it, or who you’re doing it for. If what you accomplish feels according to assignment the majority of the age, you might appetite to anticipate about why, and what you can accomplish to chicken feed it. That doesn’t necessarily beggarly you should chicken feed jobs or companies. Transferring to another accumulation, volunteering for a advanced project, or asking your boss for advanced responsibilities may be all it takes.

But, whatever it takes, you won’t be able to action your ace you at assignment and amuse rewarded with absorbing assignment, personal advance and financial rewards, if you aren’t in a acceptable workplace environment and a acceptable position match for who you are, what you appetite, and what you accept to action.

I’ve worked in jobs where I couldn’t wait until Monday. That’s when I’m so aflame about the advanced project or the advanced abstraction or the abutting affair I’m working on that it’s not assignment to me. It’s a challenging, absorbing, stimulating and amusing road to spend my day. And, I’m a lot happier when that’s the position.

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Nan Russell has spent over twenty age in management, most recently with QVC as a Vice President. Currently working on her aboriginal book, Nan is a writer, columnist, baby bag owner, and instructor.

Originall posted May 25, 2012