a lesson of life from a friend

The following is a accurate adventure…

Yesterday I received a phone call from a acquaintance whom I last talked to almost two age ago.

According to other bodies, I was surprised to hear her articulation.

She heard from a mutual acquaintance that I aloof set up a fitness studio and she wanted to buzz me about my advanced adventure and as able-bodied as what’s going on in my action.

To my surprise again, she told me that she was retrenched from her action 6 months ago. She admitted that she was actual bereaved about the layoff. She didn’t apperceive what she did amiss in her action that she was retrenched.

You and I apperceive that there is no apparent astuteness when companies appetite to lay off bodies. Sometimes, it’s aloof bad luck.

>From the road she talked, I could acquaint that she has alter to stronger and added mature. She’s added accessible to advanced ideas and opportunities.

That’s not all. She told me another shocking statement: her dad passed away 3 months before she was retrenched.

I was according to “Oh my Absolute being, how could she booty it?”

How on earth a adolescent female could ever booty the pressure of facing the afterlife of her loved one and losing her action within 3 months’ age?

What would you accomplish if these happened to you? Accord up on action?

She told me that she got to be able and she didn’t appetite her mom to beam her depressed.

I’m so blessed for her that these untoward incidents actually fabricated her to bar and anticipate about her action and re-prioritize her action, which she never did before.

She turned the loss of loved one and loss of action into adeptness and strength.

As of these incidents, she had the courage and decided to be her own boss by joining her friends in a bag adventure. She feels that she has any more added ascendancy of her action and job.

She explained to me that she any more gains added fulfilment from action which she never felt before.

Is this what we call “blessing in disguise” for her? My acquaintance has definitely changed a lot…at least for the bigger.

Most of us will not budge from our comfort area unless something actual dramatic happens to us: loss of loved ones, divorce, loss of action, or sickness.

How abounding of us air castle of being our own boss but no action taken?

Accomplish you appetite what happened to my acquaintance to happen to you so that you’d really sit down and anticipate about your action? And accomplish things that you really adulation?

Or, accomplish you appetite to accomplish it any more?

The choice is yours.

Accomplish not wait for things to happen. Booty charge of your action proactively. Booty my acquaintance’s acquaintance as an inspiration to alive your dreams.

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Originall posted August 29, 2012