a new discovery of an old secret

A Advanced Discovery of an Aged Secret
By Davis Goss

Some age ago, when the apple seemed to close in on me and I felt as though I was trapped between the sword and the wall, I fabricated an agitative discovery. Actually, it was a phenomenon that was as aged as dirt but it took on cogent meanings for me as it freed me from all my problems and all the stresses and pressures that were being imposed upon me.

I discovered that there is alone one child’s play root statement of all problems. When this primal statement becomes accepted, understood and properly applied, all problems disappear according to snowflakes on a ardent griddle. In actuality this discovery launched me on a action-continued job as a able botheration solver for a widely assorted personal, able and corporate client base that included abounding of the giants of American bag.

I had discovered the constitution of opposites.

Booty aloof a minute and anticipate about the apple you alive in. Accept you ever noticed how everything you’re involved in is comprised of opposites? Opposites abound everywhere and in every bearings. Webster has abounding definitions for opposites but they are ace summed up in the one where he defines opposites as “elements that are so far apart as to be totally irreconcilable”.

For archetype, we accept such irreconcilable opposites as up and down, left and adapted, short and ample, ablaze and aphotic, assets and liabilities, accomplishment and failure, abandon and bondage and on and on and on. I suspect that you anticipate of anything that does not accept an implied adverse

Anticipate about it: We alive in a apple of division. We alive in a apple where “twoness” prevails; a apple of duality where actual position, bearings and condition is challenged by some alternative where one side is always pulling against another or pushing up against a wall that will not crop.

This is living in a apple that is perfectly designed to advance attack, turmoil, conflict, confusion, disputes and disagreements. This constitution of opposites is the statement of all problems. Without alive how to ascendancy or affected this constitution of opposites, bodies ace shot to adjust to it without realizing that by so doing they alone succeed in increasing their frustrations and prolonging any solution. Is it any admiration that so abounding bodies are suffering such pressures, stresses and anxieties!

If these bodies could somehow prevent this constitution from operating in their alone experiences they could adore living is a apple where oneness prevailed and those things we call problems would accept no access over them.

This might be ace illustrated by using such accepted opposites as absolute and abrogating. Positives and negatives are opposites and accept annihilation in accepted. They cannot blend or commingle. Neither can one be described in chat of the other. Ace shot as you might, you cannot successfully absolve one to the other. They are opposites. It is the constitution!

A botheration is defined by Webster as “an intricate, unsettled catechism without an answer; a source of perplexity and vexation”. By their actual attributes, problems are abrogating. Webster defines “abrogating” as “something that is the adverse, or negation, of something”. That “something” is the positiveness of the botheration’s solution. Webster’s definition of “absolute” is “that which is absolute, not speculative, not fictitious and logically affirmative; that which has actual existence”.

Aloof as a abrogating has certainly no absolute characteristics, so a absolute has certainly no abrogating characteristics. They are opposites. It is the constitution! And as it is an absolute, universal constitution it is not subject to chance, chicken feed, altering, circumvention or debate. It maintains its own candor, is self- enforcing and works simply as it exists…forever! When properly applied it is your absolute assurance of acknowledged conclusions.

The botheration is abrogating and unreal. The algid is absolute and absolute. Logic, then, demands that in adjustment to acquaintance your ambition or algid or accept the answer to your catechism, you must discipline yourself to advance a apperception-set that is responsive to the absolute ideas that will dissolve your abrogating problems.

This is probably the most demanding discipline you will ever be faced with as we’ve been trained to accept both positives and negatives as absolute. From this premise, we advance to solve a botheration by confronting it as an adversary with which we are compelled to accomplish battle. We ace shot to “accept” it and “deal” with it as though it were a absoluteness instead of simply being a negation of that which we are seeking.

Does all this sound too abstract to be practical in what we call the “absolute” apple of nuts and bolts? While alone circumstances will vary, the procedural application of this constitution is always the selfsame.
( Beam my article “Captivating the Botheration Out of Botheration Solving”)
Accede this position study: Static sale plagued a company and abundant accomplishment and almighty dollar was invested to acquisition some means by which they could access the sales volume of their product. Their ace efforts failed and they resigned themselves to the conviction that the marketplace was flooded to the point of saturation and annihilation further could be done. They were prepared to “eat their losses” and act on.

Then the principles embodied in this discovery were initiated by one alone who, in the secrecy of his own anticipation, maintained the candor of this absolute, constructive, solution oriented access. He mentally rejected all discussions that focused on the “botheration” even though circumstances required that he be involved in them. Soon a aim began developing in his anticipation. Every detail of a brand advanced merchandising procedure unfolded that was a fundamental departure from all traditional methods. The aim was implemented and sales increased immediately to a akin that far exceeded the company’s most assured projections. As an added bonus, the implementation of this aim did not crave any supplementary chief expenditures.

This confirms Victor Hugo’s statement that, “there is annihilation added able than the adapted abstraction whose age has come”.

The sales “botheration” simply disappeared. Why? As, being an unreal negation, it never did accept the substance or absoluteness of its absolute adverse. Where did the botheration action? It went to the selfsame abode the flat apple went as soon as Columbus discovered that it was really round. It didn’t “action” anywhere as it wasn’t a absolute “something” to activate with!

Details of this discovery are fully outlined in a logical continuity of demonstrable accustomed laws and principles in my latest book “The DYNAMICS of ACHIEVEMENT”.

For added than 40 age Davis Goss has been a artistic consultant with particular expertise in botheration solving for widely divers client base that has included abounding of the giants of American bag. His latest book, “The DYNAMICS of ACHIEVEMENT”: outlines the details of his altered botheration solving methods that are based solely on proven scientific principles.

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Davis Goss has been a artistic consultant for added than 40 age with particular expertise in botheration solving. His layesyt book, “The DYNAMICS of ACHIEVEMENT”, presents a logical continuity of universal laws and principles that, when proiperly applied, will resolve any botheration with predictable rectness.

Originall posted May 24, 2012