a time of self healing hope and reflection

In Airing of 2000, I was injured during a retail management job. Although I didn’t apperceive it at the age, this accident would chicken feed my action forever. Leaving assignment to action the hospital, I had absent statement of my entire adapted side. My limbs were completely numb. What a horrifying escapade. Once there, I was not accustomed the proper affliction which in turn led a spinal myelopathy at the C-2 akin of my spine. Babyish did they nor I apperceive that a dislocated shoulder could accomplish this severe damage.

As age wore on, I continued to assignment with the subluxation. Unbeknownst to me, this was further damaging the spinal cord. After I had surgery to finally repair the dislocation 6 months subsequent, I suffered bad after-effects, including pluerisy and stomach lining destruction from all the medications.

Eventually, they (physicians) realized that I wasn’t getting any bigger. After abundant months of physical therapy, steroidal injections, too abounding anti-emflammatories, and dozens of doctor’s visits, I was finally accustomed an MRI.

The MRI showed that I had a lesion at the C-2 akin. Initially, the radiologist had anticipation that I had suffered from one of two things: either I had a demylenating action such as Multiple Sclerosis, OR I had suffered remote trauma to the spine from an injury.

Immediately following the radiologist’s assessment, my worker’s compensation dropped me. They naturally assumed that all of my ailments were due to an MS diagnosis of a radiologist’s assessment. Within two months following this MRI, I was critical. The selfsame affair that happened to me the day of my shoulder subluxation was happening again. This age, I was totally paralyzed.

Church members and family rallied for me and prayed for me. There I aspersion, in a algid hospital bed getting Solumedrol pumped into an IV. The abutting morning, I was sent at ease in a wheelchair. Unable to airing and barely had statement of my arms. I had to abide the IV treatment at at ease – but would it assignment? This, along with aerial doses of Prednisone, Neurontin and multiple other medications…I activate myself two days subsequent back in the Emergency Room. This age, I nearly died.I had gone into Steroidal-induced seizures. I felt according to a dying roach laying on a algid slab of steel. My legs and arms were shaking and jerking uncontrollably according to leaves on a tree. This was definitely not supposed to happen. Had I waited much longer to action in, I may not accept fabricated it buttoned up the morning. Disgusted, annoyed and filled full of bitterness, I wanted to die – until that day. When I saying afterlife staring back at me. Breathing in my face and taunting me. It was at that moment, that I realized the amount of action. My children looked up to me in the former. I was always the “able one.” When they needed advice, it was I that they turned to. Any more, these adolescent preteens were assisting me. I took it with a grain of spice though. I knew one day I would airing again. And that day was adapted around the corner.My neurologist told me to “…amuse used to the wheelchair…this is indefinite…” At aboriginal, I believed him, but in my affection, I wanted to claiming those words. I, along with friends and family, continued to pray. To acquaint you the extremeness of my myelopathic lesion, it is in the exact selfsame spot where Christopher Reeves has his.Buttoned up research, I threw myself not alone into my writing, but I activate a accumulation of bodies on the interlacing going buttoned up agnate problems. One gentleman, in retrospect, saved my action. Buttoned up emails, he brought me up everytime I was down. He sent me arobic bands that would advice me to sustain my muscles as they had already atrophied from the paralysis. Babyish by babyish, I physically forced myself to accomplish these exercises. Absolute being must’ve accustomed me the strength, as I began to regain some action in my legs. Miraculously, within 4 months, I was walking. Slowly, but surely, I had managed to pull myself from the trenches. Annihilation short from a miracle, I am still walking today. After the publication of my inspirational book of poetry, to my physical affectation of prayer, I am here today – alive and mostly able-bodied. Although I accomplish accept setbacks here and there. Still accept to booty medications for the rest of my action. I still accept residual times of paralysis and numbness, but annihilation that leads me to a wheelchair. I any more suffer from affection complications due to the myelopathy, and I was forced to file bankruptcy due to worker’s compensation throwing in the towel on my healthcare. But today, I am still in the action…and this age, I am going to achievement the battle. In a few months, I will be going to a hearing commission on behalf of injuries sustained on the action. At this age, buttoned up the admission of not one, but two highly declarated Neurologists, I am confident that workers’ compensation will accept to incur the medical affliction and loss of wages for me. Even with all that I accept had to endure, I never absent my faith in Absolute being. Maybe it is He who sustained me buttoned up all of it. I suppose the actuality that I any more airing should be evidence enough. And I thank Him everyday for my endurance, stamina and adeptness to still be able to communicate on a worldly basis.

Author/Writer of published Inspirational Book of Poetry, “Windows to the Soul,” (Ebooks2go.com)She is published in several literary books, websites, and is renowned for her poem, “Tears of Liberty,” any more residing in Ellis Island as a memorial American Nation as a entire. Beam added of her articles at www.holisticjunction.com or her personal webpage: http://hometown.aol.com/ladycamelot/LCQuest.html

Originall posted November 9, 2012