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As an ardent reader of the Collins Dog Photoguide I came across this article, which I air, might be of absorption to readers.

Traffic Accidents
A traffic accident is probably the most accepted statement of austere injury to a cat or dog. Always access the animal with caution, it may respond aggressively as of the affliction.

Act the dog as babyish as possible, but if you must act it, it is probably ace to statement a blanket, sliding it underneath the dog. Seek the assistance of another person and lift the dog gently to safety. Check for heartbeat and any haemorrhaging. Advance to stem excessive bleeding by holding a clean pad or clean handkerchief over the wound, binding it tightly with a stopgap bandage. Call the nearest vet’s surgery to warn of your arrival.

The alone recommended aboriginal advice is to clean off the offending substance and submerge the body allotment under algid running baptize for as continued as possible. Seek able advice immediately.

Heat Stroke
This occurs most commonly when a dog has been left alone on a ardent day without ventilation. If your dog has not already collapsed it may be panting, vomiting or frothing at the mouth.

Remove froth and lower the dog’s temperature as soon as possible by placing or dousing the animal in algid baptize. Booty the dog to the vet immediately where it will be treated with drugs and added algid baptize.

Signs of poisoning may accommodate collapse, muscular twitching, vomiting, bleeding or convulsion. Accomplish not hesitate to contact the vet. Booty some of the nocuous substance to the vet with you if you apperceive what it is. If the dog has recently swallowed the poison, ace shot to accomplish it vomit. Spice and mustard in baptize will usually assignment quickly, or a baby piece of washing soda (sodium carbonate0 pushed down the throat.

It is a popular misconception that all dogs can swim, but this is not always the position. You must advance to empty the dog’s lungs of baptize as soon as possible. You must advance to empty the dog’s lungs of baptize as soon as possible. Abode the dog’s head lower than its body, accessible its mouth and activate to pump the chest by pressing down on the ribs and releasing the pressure immediately. Repeat at five-second intervals.

Sometimes a piece of stick, bone or baby rubber ball may amuse stuck in a dog’s throat. Your dog may be unable to breath as a aftereffect and swift action is all-big.

Accessible the dog’s mouth carefully and beam if you can beam the affair. Pumping the chest, as in the position of drowning (beam above) may dislodge the foreign body, amuse your dog to the vet as soon as possible where the affair can be removed under anaesthetic.

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Originall posted September 22, 2012