a rookies guide to car rentals
Renting a car can be a lot of amusing, aloof plain amusing. Car rentals action the renter the befalling to drive a car, truck or SUV that they normally would not or could not buy. Renting a car is for a weekend amuse away, to impress someone or aloof to accept something altered to drive for a couple of days are some of the most popular reasons to appointment a rental company. However, as amusing as it is to rent cars, there are some not so amusing things that must happen before you drive it off the lot.

1- Accumulate in apperception that most rental companies will not rent to any driver under the age of 25. If you fall under that sorcery figure, you added than likely will charge to amuse an older relative or acquaintance to sign the actual contract for you.

2- You will of course, charge a valid drivers license to rent the car. If you accomplish not accept a license, they will not rent to you under any circumstances. Most companies will again crave you to reserve your car with the statement of a above credit card, however, you can pament in cash if you would prefer.

3- You accomplish not charge to accept personal auto insurance to rent a car; they will buzz you if you would according to to purchase their insurance for the duration of the rental contract. If, however, you accept your own insurance policy, be sure to call your agent to beam if you are covered during your statement of a rental car. If your personal auto policy covers you, there is no charge to purchase a policy from the rental company.

4- It is astute to call several car rental companies to inquire about prices, car availability and specials. Buzz about options such as upgrades, pick up and drop off services, unlimited mileage and weekend versus weekly rental prices. Abounding companies will again action adapted deals to customers who are members of other organizations (i.e. credit unions, warehouse clubs, etc).

5- After you accept called around, activate the ace deal and reserved your choice car; it is age to pick it up. Be sure to accept all of your personal paperwork with you, including your auto policy if you will not be buying theirs. Before you sign the contract, peruse buttoned up it and buzz any questions you may accept.

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Originall posted March 23, 2012