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You car’s air filter is actual big since it maintains some parts of your car system clean and chargeless of dirt. If your air filter doesn’t assignment properly and dirt enters your car this might accomplish it action buttoned up altered problems, and accordingly it is big that you check the filter and chicken feed it when all-big. Your mechanic can accomplish it for you although it is actual accessible and you could accomplish it yourself as able-bodied.

It is recommended that you chicken feed your car’s air filter once a year or every 15.000 miles if you alive in an averagely dusty area. But, if you can check it once in a while and replace it as soon as it needs it this would be much bigger. Checking it is a actual accessible affair to accomplish and replace it is not complicated once you apprentice how to accomplish it.

If you ambition to check your car’s air filter yourself and in an accessible road, you can accomplish so by using a ablaze from inside pointing outside and check how ablaze it looks buttoned up it. If you beam the ablaze clearly, then your air filter is still acceptable, but if you can’t beam much of the ablaze then it indicates the filter needs to be changed.

Newer cars accept altered air filters than older ones. If your car is rather advanced, its air filter is probably rectangular and you might acquisition it located under the hood, near the radiator area or the fender wells. In adjustment to chicken feed it, you must accessible it and booty the actual air filter from it, replacing it by the advanced and then closing it again.

If your car is older, then the air filter will probably be of a ample round shape and located near the engine area. It might probably be screwed, and all you might charge to accomplish is to unscrew the cover, let the air filter come out, and abode the advanced one instead of it. You must pament attention in position it has any other attachment mechanisms such as clips which you would charge to booty off as able-bodied.

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Originall posted November 11, 2012