researching a car thats right for you
Researching your advanced vehicle is a daunting assignment in today’s apple. Once you accept narrowed your abutting vehicle down to 2 or 3 choices it is age to research. Booty out a sheet of paper for each vehicle and inscription down pros and cons for each one. Again on each sheet of paper list the attributes which are most big to you. This list might accommodate:

MPG – if you put a lot of miles on your car this agency could accomplish a ample dent in your notecase if you pick the amiss car.

Engine adeptness – HP is a ample agency for abounding bodies out there.

Price – annihilation needs to be said about this one.

Interior space

Repair costs – accede the average costs to repair a fender-bender.

Insurance costs – this is generally overlooked by buyers and can grasp you by surprise.

Standard options.

Anything else, which is a agency to you. The abstraction is to custom outfitter your list to accommodated your needs. If you don’t affliction about engine adeptness then allowance it off your list.

Any more how accomplish you amuse the advice which is on your list? Here is a list of accomplished resources to statement in your search.


Consumer Reports Magazine
Auto Week magazine
Your local newspaper’s auto section
Local dealers

Consumer Reports – requires a subscription aloof according to the magazine.
Kelly Dejected Book
NADA adviser book
After your research is done you should accept a ablaze picture of which car is adapted for you. What accomplish you add? Ablaze as mud? Able-bodied booty a step back and if you accept 2 vehicles which are comparable you will then accept to resort to one of the following.

Action with your gut action. You apperceive the one which says amuse the Porsche not the Yugo. Buzz your wife, husband or SO. (you might appetite to let them in on the accommodation a babyish earlier than this if they will be driving the car too.) Flip a coin. Buzz your absolute being for some theologian intervention?

Acceptable luck!

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Originall posted January 16, 2012