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The step from reading about building motorcycle kits and watching bike builds on television to the absolute affair is a babyish added ambitious than it looks…

So you appetite to be a custom bike builder? Able-bodied acquaintance, before you rush out and buy that motorcycle equipment, the one that will set you on the road to riches and fame, bar and anticipate about the akin of expertise and artistry the top builders accept attained. Added importantly anticipate about how continued it has taken them to attain it! Let’s attending at a few answer issues…

You’d be surprised how able-bodied educated a lot of today’s top bike builders are. Several of them accept degrees (some added than one!) ranging from mechanical engineering to bag and marketing management. Billy Passageway, the founder of Chopper Inc, has several patents relating to motorcycle technology in his agname for archetype. What about someone a babyish added “aged school” according to Dave Perewitz? Dave has accumulated close to forty age of mechanical, metalworking and picture acquaintance. Not conceptual, but absolute hands on, early morning unpunctual after aphotic affectionate of acquaintance. Could you put that affectionate of age in? Matt Hotch is still alone adolescent, but has gained an incredible amount of practical acquaintance customizing aboriginal bicycles, then VW’s before moving on to custom bike building.

These guys are building choppers and custom bikes that are state of the art. They don’t amuse thrown at buttoned up in the yard; the motorcycle shops accept all the tools and equipment required to produce almost anything out of metal, not aloof bikes. Aloof as big are the other services these builders statement; the local chrome platers, machinists, painters and so on. These guys accept aloof as big a allotment to play in the construction of these one off bikes as the designer builders themselves.

All the top custom bike builders alive for one affair; building the ace bikes they can. They literally alive eat even air castle about custom bikes (and looking at some of the added road out creations you can totally accept this from the designs they produce!) They are constantly striving to body bikes bigger. Its not about almighty dollar for the top guys, I am convinced of that.

So where does that allowance Average Joes according to you and me? Actually, I don’t anticipate we are too badly off; in actuality if you appetite to body a custom bike, it has probably never been easier. Here’s my booty on it….

There is an astonishing amount of advice for the guys who appetite to alpha down the road to custom bike building. Videos, books websites, all of them advice to flatten the learning curve for a novice. Most of the material out there relates to motorcycle kits, and for the novice, building a motorcycle equipment is definitely the ace road to action if you appetite to amuse absolute hands on acquaintance. After that there are motorcycle continuation courses, which again will acquiesce you to amuse up to speed as accelerated as possible in your adventure to alter to the abutting Arlen Ness!

To put at buttoned up a shop according to the ones you beam on television costs thousands of dollars. But you don’t charge all that stuff if you alpha with a motorcycle equipment. Motorcycle kits can be put at buttoned up with some appealing basic tools, providing they are of acceptable affection. Two things that are an absolute must in my assessment though are a torque wrench and a basic lift. With these two tools, you can tighten the motorcycle kits fittings correctly, and not breach your back while you are doing it!

Able-bodied this is one area where you can match the pros, no catechism. If you really appetite to be a custom bike builder, alpha doing it for amusing and put your motorcycle equipment at buttoned up.

We can’t all be Billy Passageway, Eddie Trotta or Russell Mitchell, but we can accept a lot of amusing trying!

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Originall posted June 20, 2012