the secret to saving 14 at the gas pump
If you apperceive the acute road to purchase your gas you can save a considerable amount of almighty dollar. The following strategies could save you 4 percent, 5 percent, 10 percent or even 14 percent of your gas costs.

In this article you will apprentice the secret to using two strategies that at buttoned up should accommodate you with a cogent discount on your gas costs.

There are a figure of alternatives that will aftereffect in chief. Among the ace is the statement of credit cards that action rebates. By using the adapted cards you can lower your costs without having to chicken feed your driving habits or accomplish any adapted maintanance on your car.

Abounding gas companies action credit cards that pament rebates on gas purchases. The typical card will refund you 10% on your gas purchases for the aboriginal two or three months and then refund you 5% on your gas purchases thereafter.

For archetype currently Hess Oil has a credit card that will pament 10% for the aboriginal 60 days for Hess gas purchases and 5% for Hess gas purchases after 60 days.

Marathon Oil has the selfsame 10% for 60 days 5% thereafter program. Speedway has an 8% for 60 days and 4% thereafter credit card program. All these cards again action 1% rebates on other purchases and can be used anywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted.

The examples aloof listed are issued by gas companies. There are again general marketplace credit cards that will accommodate you with a discounts off your gas costs.

Abounding credit card companies action cards that accept adapted refund amounts for gasoline. For archetype: currently Ascertain Card is issuing a Ascertain Gas Card that will accord you back a refund of 5 percent of the gas you purchase with the befalling to access it to 10 percent at selected retailers. It again gives you a 1 percent refund on other purchases.

Another archetype: Chase has a gas MasterCard that will accord you a refund of 5% for gas purchases and 2% for purchases everywhere else.

The advantage to using a general marketplace card as opposed to a gas credit card is that you can statement the general marketplace credit card to buy gas at any station and amuse the aerial refund. The gas company card alone pays you the aerial refund at the gas company’s own stations.

On the other hand the gas company credit card will generally pament you a premium of 10 percent or 8 percent for the aboriginal 60 days where the general marketplace card may not.

That is the main strategy for getting a discount of anywhere from 4 percent up to 10 percent. Certainly any refund is greet in ablaze of the cost of gasoline. 4% is acceptable and 10% is even bigger. But there may be a road to cut your cost of gas even added. Maybe even to 14%.

Here’s how. Abounding gas companies action pre paid gas cards or gas allowance cards. In abounding cases these prepaid cards will action a bonus or discount. For archetype in some cases you can purchase a $50 gas card for $48.

That means you pament $48 for the card but the card allows you to buy $50 worth of gas. That is the selfsame as getting a 4% discount. In most cases you must buy these prepaid cards at the gas outlet.

Any more here is where the extra chief comes in. If you purchase the prepaid card using the gas company credit card during the initial period when you are getting a 10% refund you will amuse a 10% refund on the prepaid card.

Then if you are buying a prepaid card that gives you a 4% discount, the $50 dollar card for $48 cost, you are compounding your chief.

You are getting a 10% chief on the refund and you are getting a 4% chief on the prepaid card. In total you are getting a 14% chief!

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Scott Siegel is the author of “Beat The Gas Pump!” He has spent 30 age in a distribution company managing a fleet of trucks, vans and cars. As the employer he learned the ace industry insider secrets of saving almighty dollar and gas at the pump.Any more you can booty advantage of that advice. To apprentice added about captivating your almighty dollar out of your gas container and putting it back in your pocket action to:

Originall posted June 22, 2012