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If you don’t appetite to be standing out in the algid arguing with a snowblower that doesn’t appetite to amble, then accomplish the annual continuation before the snow starts flying. Regular continuation will accord you age of annoy chargeless statement, and less air from your blower. Don’t forget the safety angle, as without proper continuation your snowblower could alter to a hazard.

Each fall before winter arrives, you should check all bolts, belts, and moving parts, to arrange they are not frayed, loose, or worn. Belts are ace checked by removing and checking for cracks. Replace any worn parts, and tighten any loose bolts.

Turn your snowblower on its side and check the scraper bar. This is the bar that rubs against the ground and scrapes the snow off. This item wears, so check to beam if it charge replacement. If you neglect to replace the bar when it is worn, it will advance to damage on the snowblower’s housing, and that’s will aching your pocket book. In actuality, if your snowblower gets a lot of statement buttoned up out the season, check it regularly.

Check the rubber paddles and the rubber on the auger. If your finger fits between the rubber and the housing it’s age to replace the rubber. A advanced rubber will advice your snowblower operate at its optimum performance levels.

Check tires for wear and proper inflation. Adjust as needed. If you accept tire chains for your snowblower, accept them handy or put them on in advance. There’s annihilation worse than searching in the freezing algid, while trying to bethink where you put the chains.

There are alone two types of snow blower engines: The two cylinder engine which uses mixed gas and oil. You’ll aloof charge to replace the spark plug on this style of engine.

If you accept a four cylinder engine which uses straight gas, with the oil in the crank position aloof according to your vehicle, you’ll charge to chicken feed the oil, spark plug, and filter. You should again check the oil each age before you alpha it. Most four cylinders statement 5W30 oil, and authority approx 20 ounces. Consult to your owner’s handbook for the correct oil weight, and replacement allotment numbers.

Lube the drive and chassis. If you accept two stage blower, accomplish sure you check the lube in the gear box. Check with your owners handbook whether you accept a one stage or two stage. It will again acquaint you the type of lubricant to statement.

If there was fuel left from the previous year, you’ll charge to siphon it off, and fill the gas container with fresh gasoline. It doesn’t aching to add some methanol in with the fuel, once or twice a season, to avoid condensation from building up in the container, or the carburetor icing up.

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Originall posted December 19, 2012