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The ambition of the Toyota FTSX abstraction is to accept the space and ride height of an SUV with the comfort, handling, and efficiency of a sedan. “We began with a totally advanced silhouette and parcel, lower and wider than an SUV, but taller, added comfortable, and added able than a sedan. Add a able V6, all-circle drive, 21-inch wheels, four doors, a ample, multi-function glass roof and an innovative rear hatch and you accept a vehicle with exceptional functionality,” remarked Kevin Hunter, vice president, architecture and studio activities at Calty Architecture Research, Inc.
Powered by a 3.5 liter V6 engine, the FT-SX is 187 inches continued, 74.4 inches wide, and 61 inches ample. It uses 21-inch wheels (though a production model would probably not action over 18 inches) with 255/45R21 tires, and has a 114-inch wheelbase.

The FT-SX features a able V6 engine, all-circle drive, 21-inch wheels, four doors, a ample, and a multi-function glass roof. The four-door abstraction boasts V-6 adeptness, all-circle drive, 21-inch wheels, and a ample glass roof. Toyota claims that the front-borderline arrangement of the FT-SX is “an all-advanced expression” and that the attending, which it calls “T-Face,” will alter to the advanced architecture speech for the company.

The FT-SX has a trick rear hatch, which allows two panels in the glass roof to slide toward the center of the vehicle, creating both a larger opening and a rear sunroof. Pivoting the upper and lower halves of the hatch up or down, respectively, can accomplish access to the freight area. When the lower allotment of the hatch is down, a loading tray automatically extends to advice with freight loading and unloading. The Toyota FTSX abstraction is powered by a 3.5-liter V-6 and automatic transmission, with running gear for on-road performance.

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