7 financial strategies for transitioning from salaried to solo
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A 40’s something woman was talking to me the other day about her growing sense of frustration with “working for someone else” and her longing to “accomplish my own affair, drive my own wagon”. But, she said with consternation, “I accept family counting on me and a standard of living I don’t appetite to renunciation.”

Everyone has to decide for themselves what akin of renunciation and risk they’re ready to undertake in adjustment to adore the satisfactions of working independently. Alive some strategies for managing the risk will acquiesce you to accomplish a able-bodied-informed accommodation.

Of the seven strategies included below, the aboriginal two suggest ways to gradually transition from salaried to solo, instead of diving off the edge. The second two are ways to stretch the dollar; and the final three are ideas for getting started without stopping.

1. Abide to haul a (reduced) pay
Leaving your current employment in adjustment to advance your advanced bag may attending according to the alone choice, based on an assumption that you won’t amuse approval for reducing your hours. While this may prove to be the position, asking yourself why and how your company will profit from retaining your skills and acquaintance for a transitional period can accommodate the basis for approaching your employer. Be sure to accomplish your homework aboriginal, however, and be able to back up your appeal with a solid theory.
Again accede the affair of timing. You appetite to weigh informing your employer of your ambition to allowance with being prepared to allowance if the answer to your appeal is no.

2. Advance another income stream
If you charge to allowance your ad hoc employment, is there a skill in your toolbag that you can resuscitate and put to assignment without a cogent expenditure of age or energy? Is moonlighting or freelance assignment an choice? Virtual e-lancing websites (such as eWork.com, Guru.com, and e-spear.com) may be worth looking into for short-chat able services opportunities.
Examples: A community mental health worker transitioning to private practice used his conflict resolution acquaintance to sell a training parcel to public schools. A woman transitioning out of an insurance brokerage created and sold seminars on continued chat affliction financing at local retirement centers.

3. Lessen expenses
Apart from fixed expenses – mortgage, taxes, insurance, etc. –are discretionary expenses that accomplish up the larger allotment of budgets. Doing a careful analysis of these expenses and choosing what you can forego for awhile can generally save thousands per year.
Carefully analyzing abstruse expenses – credit card absorption rates, bank charges, unpunctual fees, auto debits, phone plans – or “absent almighty dollar” from low absorption rates on chief may generate several thousand added per year.

4. Borrow
It isn’t all-big to wait to borrow for alpha-up costs until you accept a able-bodied-documented abstraction to submit for a bag loan. Refinancing a at ease or captivating a line of credit are relatively low-cost ways of generating chief. Depending on your credit adjudjing, you can again amuse age-limited low-absorption loans from credit card companies.
If you choose this choice, applying for loans or refinancing packages while you’re still employed is strongly advised. Your adjudjing as a borrower declines quickly once the regular paychecks bar.

You don’t accept to wait!
Amuse started on your advanced bag abstraction while you’re still employed. Several of the all-big aboriginal steps (below) can be started while standing in the grocery line or running on the treadmill. They involve asking yourself some questions and doing some informal research to amuse crystal ablaze about your abstraction. This can booty weeks off your actual alpha-up age.

5. Analyze your alcove.
Anticipate about the services you’re uniquely able to accommodate, as able-bodied as the ones you most adore providing. Be specific! Inscription them down! Then anticipate about what accumulation of bodies would amuse statement from those services and accept the adeptness to pament for them. Again, be specific: age, where they congregate, habits and values, how they define the botheration your services are going to solve. If you don’t apperceive, buzz. Acquisition someone who fits your “epitome client” profile (s/he may be on the treadmill abutting to yours at the gym) and amuse permission to buzz some questions. Bodies generally adulation to be accessible.

6. Actualize your marketing aim.
Don’t be intimidated by the chat “marketing aim”. While what you charge from a marketing aim will amuse added sophisticated as your bag develops, for any more it simply means answering the catechism, How is my bag going to accomplish almighty dollar? What is the product or service you’re going to sell? How will you call it so bodies quickly apperceive the amount? How will you parcel it? (charge for service? by the project? on retainer?) How will you price it? (What’s being charged for comparable services? What “feels adapted” to you?)

7. Administer abhorrence!
For most bodies, anything involving almighty dollar involves some akin of abhorrence. It’s big to acknowledge to yourself and to others that you are captivating a risk, and you’ve decided it’s a risk you appetite to booty. So accede the abhorrence accustomed, and acquisition ways to administer it.
Getting abutment from bodies who accept in you and in what you’re embarking on is #1 in abhorrence-management tactics. Don’t assume that you’ll amuse it from the bodies closest to you, or that if you don’t accept it you shouldn’t proceed. They’re probably the ones most impacted by your accommodation and so may be least ready to action abutment. Their consent – a willingness to action along with your aim – is accessible, but abutment may accept to come subsequent.
It’s again accessible to set a ambition (and a date for completion) that’s answer to your advanced adventure – arrange financing by a particular date, or sign a rent – and announce it to at least one person. You’ll acquisition that manufacture that commitment, saying it out ample, and following buttoned up will in turn generate added confidence and added forward momentum.

To all of you who are annoyed of marching to someone else’s drum and are eager to action solo, these strategies should advice you booty prudent but absolute steps toward realizing your ambition. Acceptable luck!

About the author:
Nina Ham is an internationally certified women’s bag coach and a licensed psychotherapist. Her company, Accomplishment from the Inside Out, provides programs and services chief for anyone manufacture the salaried-to-solo transition, including alcove identification, marketing fundamentals, and self management for solo professionals. Action to her site, http://www.SuccessfromtheInsideOut.comand booty her chargeless quiz, Is Going Solo for You?

Originall posted December 4, 2012