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Financial Security is a false abstraction that developed in American society based on the abstraction that security comes from the perceived reliability of a regular or planned paycheck. Abounding bodies, believing in the commitment of their corporations to their able-bodied-being, accept activate themselves downsized, layed-off, outsourced, transferred, or, in some cases, even fired. The immediate absoluteness becomes harshly apparent and sadly disappointing.

The bottom line is that Corporate America will always be focused on the bottom line. As a dependent corporate employee, you are subject to the whims of the corporation. You accept certainly no ascendancy over how much you earn, where you assignment, the longevity and reliability of your income, or your position. You are simply a figure. At any accustomed moment, some nameless pencil-pushing figure-cruncher, can deem that you are no longer an asset to the company and, rather, accept alter to a liability. At any accustomed moment, it can be deemed that you no longer agency into the profitability of the corporation – and your OUT. They don’t affliction if you accept a mortgage to pament, 3 kids in college or a advanced shiny car with a hefty payment. They don’t affliction that you’ve come in early for the last 9 age or accustomed 20 age of your action to them. The bottom line is that you don’t aftereffect the bottom line in a absolute road…so you’re OUT.

Corporations no longer authority amount in employee commitment or dedication. Each day, companies are choosing to cut costs by outsourcing to less expensive countries with cheaper labor, downsize, and lessen costs by eliminating cost of living increases, benefits and retirement guarantees. Recently, the media has been focusing on the deliberate actions of corporations that cost employees each year. The Christian Science Detector, on November 7th, 2005, featured an article, “Workers Face Paycheck Pinch”. In the article, the author, Mark Trumbell, details the loiter of Corporate America to advance pament increases with inflation:

“For all its strength, the current economic expansion is not boosting the American worker’s paycheck. Wages accept been rising nominally: Average pament rose 8 cents last month to $16.27 an hour, according to a government report Friday. That’s not accelerated enough to counter inflation.

By one accepted measure, average pament for an hour’s assignment has less purchasing adeptness than it had four age ago – when the current advance cycle began. It’s a design of anemic wage advance that’s any more several age aged, but the trend has worsened in recent months. Wages for the most recent quarter were 2.3 percent lower, after inflation, than workers received a year before”

Age Magazine recently featured an article entitled “Broken Promises”

“It was allotment of the American Air castle, a pledge fabricated by corporations to their workers: for your decades of toil, you will be assured retirement benefits according to a pension and health affliction. Any more added and added companies are walking away from that promise, leaving millions of Americans at risk of an impoverished retirement.”

“Corporate promises are generally not worth the paper they’re printed on. Businesses in one industry after another are revoking continued-standing commitments to workers.” (Bartlett and Steele, October 31, 2005, p. 32-33)

So, how accomplish you accomplish Financial Security in this changing global economy? Employers aren’t even keeping up with inflation and are doing everything in their adeptness to lessen benefits and retirement income. The days of being rewarded for loyalty to corporations are continued gone – it’s any more every person for themselves. In addition, loop holes in corporate constitution enable companies to restructure, file bankruptcy and maneuver their road out of promises to employers to accommodate benefits.

In absoluteness, accurate Financial Security is acceptance in yourself and your adeptness to instinctively actualize income for yourself at any age, anywhere. Entrepreneurs accept accurate Financial Security. They’re self-reliant, artistic, independent and solution focused. We apperceive that at any accustomed age, regardless of the economy, trends, timing, etc. that we accept the skills, apperceive-how, and guts to actualize our action. Entrepreneurs refuse to be dependent on or subject to the whims or decisions of corporate America, rather establishing themselves as corporations, producing their own incomes buttoned up commitment, service and sheer motivation. We are amenable for our own retirements and count on the promises of no one. Entrepreneurs ARE financial security and as such we reap the rewards.

There are abounding opportunities for bodies to alter to acknowledged entrepreneurs. Thousands of bodies accept fabricated fortunes on the internet alone. Decide what type of bag you appetite, what your bitter borderline ambition is (age, almighty dollar, leisure, etc) and action from there. A accepted misconception is that businesses booty thousands of dollars to alpha. It is accurate of some, but there are abounding lucrative opportunities available for nominal alpha-up costs. Once you accomplish the accommodation to be self-employed, accomplish your research, acquisition the adapted bag for you and act forward from there.

About the author:
Shannon Lavenia is a premier trainer and bag educator in the field of treasure creation, entrepreneurism, and internet marketing. She can be contacted at http://www.trueprosperitynow.comor 800.303.2580.

Originall posted April 11, 2012