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FACT: 30 to 60% of visitors tend to drop off and click to another site when they are forced to click their mouse added generally than all-big.

FACT: Bodies who statement the internet are usually those who are always on-the-action and don’t appetite to spend age figuring out how to navigate any interlacing site.

FACT: It takes all of ten seconds for most aboriginal-age visitors to spend age on any interlacing site before deciding if it’s worth any attention.

Affirmative, it alone takes ten seconds for viewers to amuse absorbed and stay a babyish longer to apperceive added about your site and amuse the advice they’re looking for.

This is the main astuteness why the aboriginal page is the most big in any interlacing site. Rule of thumb is to accept a page that is direct to the point, doesn’t squander age, and doesn’t squander bandwidth. It’s all-big that you amuse to the crux of your message and accomplish it abrupt. Or else your audiences are outta here.

Studies prove that human attributes statement to lose bull's eye on whatever it is that we are paying attention to after the initial ten seconds. The apperception seem to anticipate that after ten seconds, either the affair of attention gets bigger and absorbing, or the attraction aloof fades as of too abounding things.

And ten seconds is big in any interlacing designer’s action. A designer has to bethink that in ten seconds, the interlacing page should be able to deliver something advantageous, if not everything.

One designer relates that ten seconds is enough for an average person to peruse a length of 40 words. And 40 words can beggarly a abundant deal of a acceptable opening paragraph. The opening paragraph according to the designer is your “contract” with your reader. With your “contract”, you promise to deliver what your viewer needs, in every page of your interlacing site.

And in ten seconds, you should be able load your page and everything in it if possible. In addition, you should again booty advantage of the content and its worth for your interlacing site. Content is the aboriginal element that gets delivered upon connection. So accomplish reading your content worthwhile. Deliver your promise, and deliver them acceptable.

This is the essence of usability in the wide apple of the interlacing. Utilizing those precious ten seconds to deliver what you promise, and accommodate what your viewer needs. Statement those ten seconds wisely. Aim, architecture and execute in ten seconds.

Bodies action to your interlacing site as of what they can amuse from it. Ten seconds is all it takes for viewers to apperceive if you accept what they charge. So accomplish your ten seconds count.

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Originall posted January 17, 2012