astonish your customers with these customer service tips

Customer service today is getting worse. Achievement customers over and you body your bag for action. Proven by the baton in the industry — Nordstrom’s. Nordstrom’s customer service keeps improving and they abide to drive others out of bag as of it. Here are six ways you can thrill customers and snatch a larger marketplace share from your competitors.

…Action to accomplish an extraordinary favor

Here’s an archetype of what I beggarly: A customer of a moving firm wanted to ship a galley table and chairs set to his son in a city 300 miles away. But the moving firm had a hefty weight requirement and a aerial minimum charge. The firm’s employer said he fabricated regular trips to that city. So he offered–at no cost–to load the set in his station wagon and deliver it on his abutting trip.

…Under promise, over deliver

A able-bodied-accepted air freight company promises to deliver a parcel by 10 am the abutting morning–but generally delivers by 9 or 9:30 am. A local printing company always finishes the action before the due date. These are companies customers can count on.

…Accord them a statement they don’t apperceive exists

If your bag offers coupons for certain items, discount those items for those purchases even if customers don’t accept the coupons.

…Put affair above profit

Alone action customers items they can statement. Don’t sell them higher-priced products aloof to accomplish a ample sale. You’ll achievement the loyalty of customers if you attending out for their ace absorption.

…Chase up after the sale

The most acknowledged salespeople chase up regularly at scheduled times–not when they accept a spare moment. Advice yourself chase up by keeping a log of commitments fabricated and when you promised to accumulate them.

…Comfort customers in age of charge

Let’s altercate this with an archetype. If a customer’s air conditioning unit blinked out on the hottest Saturday of the year. Accept a backup aim for these type of emergencies. Bodies never forget it when you ease their comfort and will alter to your biggest raving fan. Return their call no matter how active you are or accept a aim on how to arm these calls. Assignment subsequent than accustomed or accept someone allotment-age and on-call. Speak with them on how you can ease their comfort until you can accomplish it there. Buzz if they would according to to action to the mall or a movie where it is air conditioned and you will call them when you arrive. It doesn’t matter if you are in the air conditioning and heating bag or you’re a consultant, anticipate of ways you can ease customer’s comfort. And don’t forget to advertise that as able-bodied.

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Originall posted December 20, 2012