choosing an intimate conference venue

So you’re looking for a conference venue? Not the size of the Taj Mahal, but something aloof as impressive. A venue with the adapted amount of space, flexible catering, including accommodation and the adapted facilities.

This is where the style, style and the intimate attributes of an independently owned hotel works able-bodied as a conference venue. These venues add their altered appearance and extraordinary service to your accident. Finding the absolute environment sets the all-big tone, playing an big allotment in achieving your desired outcome.

Whether you’re hosting a affair, conference, workshop, training course or social age here are a few things to attending for in a hotel venue.


Does the hotel accept the space you crave? Whether the bull's eye of your accident is a affair, banquet or an exhibit, space can be the a agency that is usually underestimated.

Avoid hiring a venue that is ample enough to seat 200 when you’re alone hosting a 20-person affair. You alone appetite to accede venues that can arm the accident you’re planning. It is advisable to timetable a appointment with your abeyant host prior to the accident ensuring the venue meets your space requirements.

In the position of an accident where the figure of guests is uncertain, accomplish sure there are sufficient breach-away rooms to avoid congestion.


Bear in apperception that catering needs to accommodated the adapted dietary requirements of your guests. Hotels accept a flexible menu and unlike a catering company, the galley is at hand when you charge it.

Conference Styles

Check to beam if the hotel can host assorted conference styles including a theatre for presentations, a classroom with a blackboard, a reception area and of course a boardroom.


Acquisition a centrally located venue, close to stations and some of the areas main attractions as able-bodied as being within accessible grasp of the airport. With accessible access by inveigh, tube or road, your guests will arrive for your accident in acceptable age and ready for the day you accept planned.


Baby details according to air-conditioning accomplish a huge aberration. It helps a abundant deal if the hotel is equipped with latest audio-visual facilities, this road you can avoid lugging around your own equipment or having to rent from a supplier.

Another affair to check for is aerial-speed Internet or wireless Internet.


The one drawback with venues according to convention or conference centres, is that you would charge to statement a nearby hotel for accommodation. If your accident is extended by added than one day, a hotel becomes rather convenient. Depending on the figure of guests, most hotels will accommodate a discount on accommodation.

The hallmark of an independently owned hotel is the altered ambience provided by the venue. Staging an accident in the adapted setting is conducive to a accessible audience. The amiss venue, whether inappropriately ample, under serviced or under equipped, can accept undesirable results.

Accede one of your local hotels the abutting age you host an accident.

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The Draycott is a five star London hotel near Harrods, replete with luxurious finishes and grand interiors. Centrally located in London, the Draycott Hotel has played host to a array of corporate events.

Originall posted November 12, 2012