service leadership creating a bulging bottom line life

Sevice Rule in the 21st Century means delivering on-aim and with concentrated intent toward transforming the mental processes and environment where we succeed by serving the entire of the alignment and not merely the top ranking minority positions . This advanced inclusive and authentic rule activating, dramatically shifts perceptions of historically Hierarchical Rule (Management-strata) to a added advanced equalitarian or what is accepted as ‘Flat Line’ Rule. It means that the adeptness structure within any alignment is balanced added evenly for a healthier, productive and certainly, a added abundant action acquaintance.

Service Rule when faithfully pursued transforms any service or product driven company into an environment of accomplishment as statement for the entire of each alone becomes a pipeline of absolute, artistic and strategically minded teams and this ease of service automatically delivers to its customers, clients and or/guests.

Hierarchical dominated businesses are failing all around us. Enron is aloof one of abounding that accept been publicized. Far added accept imploded on themselves and their failures accept betrayed their dependents who believed in their rule. It’s age for transformation. Abounding corporations and their smaller counterparts are being led by a failing prototype and yet authority tightly even when it is infectiously destroying the actual core amount of doing bag; progressive accomplishment.

Acknowledged rule in the 21st Century means entering into a advanced set of negotiation that rely on co-working and collaboration, instead of a few chosen leaders who competitively position themselves on some hierarchal ladder by default-despotism that separates a few from the actual substantive entire of the us from one another and creates destructive and debilitating stress due to an autocratic working environment.

Bodies grasp their goals and their highest abeyant mental, emotional and spiritual, by experiencing abandon of choice. Co-working and collaborative relationships invites everyone to accept a vested absorption in the accomplishment of themself and their co-workers. ( including the Owner and/or CEO) This collaborative, self-leading bag structure will transform the currently failing bag structure and an unequaled bulging bottom line will aftereffect. Isn’t this type of shift in bag and personal perception the cornerstone to creating a advanced akin of abundant living that we all seek, individually and collectively?

Abundance may come in abounding altered forms. It may enter into your action in the anatomy of a friendship, an intimate accord, a promotion at assignment, an award for your expertise, an in-affectionate allowance, creating multiple streams of income and added. Yet, abundance in all its scores of forms cannot be created in abhorrence. We actualize abundance in our lives by a disciplined apperception that feeds our emotions (adeptness source)and purposeful actions that are expressed in a absolute, mutually supportive environment.

The answer to abundant living is a shift in our perception to alive a action of purposeful service. Holding onto personal agenda’s and thinking, action and reacting in abhorrence, perpetuates absence in our lives. Service Leaders never anticipate or air or respond due to the action of absence. There is no other road to actualize abundance in our lives but to alive in service to one another. Bethink the times when you accept truly served another, freely and without a personal agenda. How did you air? Did you accept, in return, added than you gave? Maybe you didn’t accept immediately, yet if you anticipate about it, your service to another has brought into your action a abundant deal of abundance. It’s the Constitution of Attraction at assignment. Be grateful. Service plus Gratitude creates abundance.

The chat ‘servant,’ originates from the Latin chat, sacrare, acceptation consecrated or holy. In other words, holy. Shifting our perceptions from abhorrence into a action of holy service is the foundation for becoming a accurate Baton. Compassionate that we are the leaders of our own lives and captivating full albatross for our thoughts, feelings and actions is paramount in becoming a Baton and creating abundant living.

Bag Rule in the 21st Century is alpha to shift the structural tides from achieving accomplishment buttoned up co-working and cooperating. Consciously building a array of communities in our lives that serve one another for their highest acceptable and bulging bottom-lines in bag is slowly shifting. We can sense it any more. Accede the thousands upon thousands who are leaving this unhealthy bag structure to assignment for themselves. They are fed up with the structure of abhorrence-based, competitive hierarchal bag structures that set a constant tension that creates overwhelm, confusion and chaos. This unhealthy lifestyle is slowly falling apart; imploding on itself. Whether you are a company Owner, CEO, General Employer, allotment of a Management Accumulation, Sales Director or front-line personnel. All accept an equal albatross to openly and honestly advance their personal and bag action with the highest standard of community candor that their ever-evolving awareness allows.

Rule Coaching/Consulting means training adeptness leaders that accept that their accomplishment, abundance and healthy lives depends upon what I call Rule Service. Yet, statistics in 2004 acquaint us that the lifetime of a CEO in any accustomed Corporation is alone 3 to 5 age. Amazed? I was, initially. Yet, if you anticipate about it, our human bodies were not built to withstand this affectionate of constant, debilitating abhorrence-based tension. Our bodies, minds and emotions accept had enough. Our actual survival depends upon it. Why accomplish you anticipate that CEO’s are any more either voluntarily leaving their positions with Corporations or are involuntarily being asked to allowance? There are two above reasons why anyone leaves a position at any akin or is asked to allowance.

Bag acquaintance proves that the majority of bodies that allowance a company that are expressing a ‘flat-line,’ non-autocratic rule style, voluntarily, is primarily due to their inability to assignment within a Service Rule architecture, where everyone in the alignment is equally invested in the accomplishment of each alone co-worker, themself and the ‘ample-picture’ or macrocosmic aim of the alignment; to action the ace service and or product available to insure a bulging bottom-line. When bodies are not self-motivated, self-amenable or accept self-statement, then these employees cannot acquisition a comfort area to remain with the company. In the continued-amble, their leaving supports the strength that a ‘flat line’ rule access demands. An alignment of any affectionate ‘is alone as able as its weakest link.’

These self-defeating employees who left the company, voluntarily, did so as they were unable to shift their perception from being a mere low-status employee to becoming a self-created baton within the alignment. Some bodies refuse to booty albatross for themself, let alone for others on their accumulation. Everyone fails and none grasp their highest abeyant when we accomplish not self-administer and the outcome is inevitably a self-battering action of imbalance and the aerial cost of overwhelming stress.

Co-working and collaboration is so foreign to their (dare I add) basket position attitudes about action that they are incapable of affair the minimum standards of performance. It matters not, if these standards are self-defined or not. These employees usually actualize distancing due to resentments within themself as they alter to added and added frustrated as their self-managing co-workers succeed and they fail. The acknowledged co-workers are far added rule-driven and accommodated their responsibilities buttoned up mutual cooperative and collaborative agreed upon strategies and clearly defined performance. This methodology is the pivotal point of their evolutionary achievements. Collaborative-Rule powers both bag and personal accomplishment.

Employees, at all levels of a flat-line rule structure are asked to allowance, involuntarily, based on two above factors. The aboriginal agency being, air. The second agency being performance. Naturally, no one will succeed in performance without embracing a absolute and co-rule-driven performance access.Whether you are a solo-preneur who is dependent on their network, a allotment of a baby bag or a member of a ample corporation, the structure of Hierarchal Rule is falling apart. It is imploding on itself. The tension has been held far too continued and too tightly to survive much longer. All we accept to accomplish is peruse the newspapers every day or analog analog watch the statement on television or peruse Times or Newsweek.

The reasons for companies imploding on themselves, may be cloaked in a disguise of finger-pointing and weightless justification, yet the rectness is that the age has arrived to advance a advanced, healthier, added abundantly equalitarian Service-Rule structure that is guaranteed to produce a bulging bottom-line so all may statement.

Copyright: A. James Hillelson–Bitter borderline Living Transformations–2005; All Rights Reserved

About the Author: Jim Hillelson is a Rule Coach-Consultant for Bag Owners, Adeptness Managers and Accumulation Leaders who co-partner to architecture customized programs. They advance their strengths and body muscle in areas that charge added concentrated bull's eye. Jim delivers. He is results oriented and empowers achievement that is measurable. Contact: Jim for a Chargeless Assessment. [email protected] 214-547-8251


Originall posted January 16, 2012