simple steps to increase your sales by up to 400

Wouldn’t it be aloof fantastic to be able to action your
website visitors exactly what they wanted each and every

One of the greatest selling myths is that you alone accept one
product to sell. Even if you accept an entire scope of
products or services or packages – the illusion is still

That however, is not the position. One product or parcel can
easily be turned around to act as over half a dozen
products aloof by utilizing a babyish creativity.

Let me statement for….

Let’s add that on your site you advertise an accommodation
weekend holiday parcel for the Friday and Saturday nights.
(You might be tempted to anticipate, “I sell accommodation,
bodies either appetite it or they don’t”).

That’s abundant for the 3 out of 10 visitors who appetite to booty
a abrupt holiday weekend, but not for the seven others.
Using creativity and by placing supplementary pages on your
site targeting the other visitors you could easily access
your bookings percentage by as much as 300 – 400%.

How about offering a Corporate Retreat parcel? It’s the
selfsame deal, but maybe with a slightly altered basket –
whatever, it’s abundantly accepted by active bag bodies
looking for that ok relaxing weekend.

What about a Family Fiesta! Selfsame deal once again but action
a movie pass for the kids or tickets to a local tourist

Parents Pleasure Weekend? Chargeless Babysitting.

Students Study Retreat – Chargeless Internet access.

Wine Lovers Diary – Chargeless bus to local wineries….

Beam where this goes, it’s always the selfsame parcel, and your
ambition is to fill beds – all you charge to accomplish is add that extra
something adapted.

The answer to accomplishment here is to action a completely separate
page on your website that targets the marketplace your
abeyant customer is in. If that means having ten pages
offering the selfsame deal to ten altered types of bodies
(but with altered incentive), abundant – action for it.

The alone affair that stops you is your imagination.

And as a final guideline, when you set out each page accomplish
sure that both the sales copy and the search engine
functionality are again focused towards the individuals
target marketplace alcove.

That simply means statement words that they accept, put
forward the benefits that they appetite to peruse about. Accomplish
sure that the description meta tag is optimized so they
peruse what they appetite before they click to you on a search.

Accomplish sure the headline grabs them by the neck and reels
them in. Again be sure to action them a “amount added”
incentive – never a discount. Plus, accomplish sure that you ASK
THEM to book with you.

It’s really that accessible.

Paul Barrs

P.S. This is probably the shortest article I’ve ever
written before, but there isn’t really too much to add.
You’ve got to apprentice to be artistic.

This former week I received by mail an action to subscribe to
a actual able-bodied accepted bag magazine. I’m still actual tempted
to adjustment that subscription even though I’ve never peruse the
magazine before in my action.


As they are offering a FREE sports analog analog watch with every
advanced subscription!

The affair is, I don’t charge a analog analog watch – I’ve got a admirable
$1000 gold analog analog watch sitting on my wrist adapted any more – but I
still appetite to adjustment the subscription.


As I WANT that FREE analog analog watch!

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Originall posted March 15, 2012