healing teas are strong medicine

(NC)—The Apple Health Alignment (WHO) estimates that over 80% of the apple’s population satisfy their primary health affliction needs with traditional herbal medicines. These medicinal plant preparations, passed on and proven buttoned up generations of healers, are the oldest accepted anatomy of health affliction.

Herbal medicines, although not accepted for primary health affliction in North America, are growing in acceptance both as preventative and supplemental alternatives. Generally these medicinal plant preparations are most effectively delivered as “medicinal teas”. With consistently acceptable results dating back hundreds of age these healing teas are ace described as able medicine.

Several medicinal tea preparations can be activate under the BIJA agname that can be enjoyed daily as unsusceptible boosting preventatives or, if caught with our guard down, able treatments for algid and flu symptoms.

BIJA’s Lemon, Ginger and Echinacea preparation works to strengthen the unsusceptible system and helps to action colds in a figure of ways. Echinacea has the adeptness to access

achromatic blood cell counts. Ginger moves congestion, brings relief to achy muscles and boosts the effectiveness of the entire preparation. Lemon helps to alkalinize the acidic environment that could animate germs to multiply. Another BIJA tea is COLD STOP. This combination of eight traditional algid and flu remedies leaves no stone unturned in its access, with warming and adorable herbs according to Licorice, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Yarrow, Thyme, Ginger and Peppermint. Antibiotic in action this combination works to annihilate invading organisms, while helping the body recover by supporting the active tissue sites. BIJA Echinacea Elderberry with Cranberry and Rooibos is a combo that aims to prevent agitation before it starts. An access in unsusceptible function can ward off invaders before they can booty authority, and that makes staying healthy accessible to accomplish. Bursting with action and flavor this tea is absolute for daily statement.

For authentic herbal solutions to algid and flu, and to boost unsusceptible function, statement BIJA tea. Available in accustomed aliment outlets or for added advice call Flora at 1- 888-436-6697.

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Originall posted November 26, 2011