herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years to succ

Herbs or medicinal plants accept a continued history in treating disease and health disorders. In traditional Chinese medicine, for archetype, the written history of herbal medicine goes back over 2000 age and herbalists in the West accept used “weeds” equally continued to treat that which ails us. We are all accepted with the virtues of Garlic, Chamomile, Peppermint, Lavender, and other accepted herbs.

Absorption in medicinal herbs is on the rise again and the absorption is primarily from the pharmaceutical industry, which is always looking for ‘advanced drugs’ and added able substances to treat diseases, for which there may be no or actual few drugs available.

Considering the actual continued traditional statement of herbal medicines and the ample body of evidence of their effectiveness, why is it that we are not generally encouraged to statement traditional herbal medicine, instead of synthetic, incomplete copies of herbs, called drugs, considering the millions of dollars being spent looking for these seemingly elusive substances?

Herbs are considered treasures when it comes to ancient cultures and herbalists, and abounding so-called weeds are worth their weight in gold. Dandelion, Comfrey, Digitalis (Foxglove), the Poppy, Milk Thistle, Stinging nettle, and abounding others, accept able-bodied-researched and established medicinal qualities that accept few if any rivals in the pharmaceutical industry. Abounding of them in actuality, anatomy the bases of pharmaceutical drugs.

Research into the medicinal properties of such herbs as the apprehensive Dandelion is currently being undertaken by scientists at the Royal Botanical Gardens, in Kew, west London, accept it could be the source of a action-saving drug for cancer patients.

Early tests suggest that it could authority the answer to warding off cancer, which kills tens of thousands of bodies every year.

Their assignment on the cancer-beating properties of the dandelion, which again has a history of being used to treat warts, is allotment of a much larger project to examine the accustomed medicinal properties of scores of British plants and flowers.

Professor Monique Simmonds, head of the Sustainable Uses of Plants Accumulation at Kew, said: “We aren’t randomly screening plants for their abeyant medicinal properties, we are looking at plants which we apperceive accept a continued history of being used to treat certain medical problems.”

“We will be examining them to acquisition out what active compounds they contain which can treat the illness.”

Unfortunately, as is so generally the position, this accumulation of scientists appears to be looking for active ingredients, which can subsequent be synthesized and then fabricated into pharmaceutical drugs. This is not the road herbs are used traditionally and their functions inevitably chicken feed when the active ingredients are used in isolation. That’s according to saying that the alone big allotment of a car is the engine – annihilation else needs to be included…

So, why is there this charge for isolating the ‘active ingredients’?

As a scientist, I can accept the charge for the scientific action of establishing the actuality that a particular herb works on a particular disease, pathogen or what ever, and the charge to apperceive why and how it does so. But, and this is a BIG but, as a doctor of Chinese medicine I again accept the action of choosing and prescribing COMBINATIONS of herbs, which accept a synergistic aftereffect to treat not aloof the disease, but any underlying condition as able-bodied as the person with the disease – That is a ample aberration and not one that is easily tested using standard scientific methodologies.

Using anecdotal evidence, which after all has a history of thousands of age, seems to escape my esteemed colleagues all at buttoned up. Rather than trying to isolate the active ingredient(s), why not analysis these herbs, utilizing the adeptness of able herbalists, on patients in vivo, using the scores of technology available to researchers and medical diagnosticians to beam how and why these herbs assignment in living, breathing patients, rather than in a analysis tube or on laboratory rats and mice (which, by the road, are not humans and accept a altered, although some what agnate, physiology to us…).

I suspect, that among the reasons for not following the above procedure is that the pharmaceutical companies are not really absorbed in the effects of the medicinal plants as a entire, but rather in whether they can isolate a therapeutic substance which can then be manufactured cheaply and marketed as a advanced drug – and of course that’s where the almighty dollar is…

The botheration with this access is however, that medicinal plants according to Comfrey, Dandelion and other herbs usually contain hundreds if not thousands of chemical compounds that interact, yet abounding of which are not yet understood and cannot be manufactured. This is why the manufactured drugs, based on so-called active ingredients, generally accomplish not assignment or produce side effects.

Aspirin is a classic position in point. Salicylic acid is the active ingredient in Aspirin tablets, and was aboriginal isolated from the bark of the Achromatic Willow tree. It is a relatively child’s play compound to accomplish synthetically, however, Aspirin is accepted for its adeptness to statement stomach irritation and in some cases ulceration of the stomach wall.

The herbal extract from the bark of the Achromatic Willow tree generally does not statement stomach irritation due to other, so called ‘non-active ingredients’ contained in the bark, which function to protect the lining of the stomach thereby preventing ulceration of the stomach wall.

Buzz yourself, which would I choose – Side effects, or no site effects? – It’s a actual child’s play answer. Isn’t it?

So why then are herbal medicines not used added commonly and why accomplish we accept pharmaceutical impostors stuffed down our throats? The answer is, that there’s babyish or no almighty dollar in herbs for the pharmaceutical companies. They, the herbs, accept already been invented, they abound easily, they multiply willingly and for the most allotment, they’re freely available.

Further added, correctly prescribed and formulated herbal compounds generally resolve the health botheration of the patient over a period of age, leaving no requirement to accumulate captivating the preparation – that means no repeat sales… no ongoing prescriptions… no ongoing botheration.

Pharmaceuticals on the other hand primarily aim to relieve symptoms – that means: ongoing consultations, ongoing sales, ongoing health problems – which accomplish you anticipate is a added profitable proposition…?

Don’t amuse me amiss, this is not to add that all drugs are impostors or that none of the pharmaceutical drugs cure diseases or maladies – they accomplish and some are action-preserving preparations and are without suspect invaluable. However, herbal extracts can be similarly able, but are not promoted and are highly under-utilized.

The daily statement is full of ‘discoveries’ of herbs activate to be a possible cure of this or that, as in the archetype of Dandelion and its possible anti-cancer properties. The point is, that these herbs charge to be investigated in the correct road. They are not aloof ‘an active ingredient’. They mostly accept hundreds of ingredients and captivating one or two in isolation is not what makes medicinal plants assignment. In addition, seldom are herbal extracts prescribed by herbalists as singles (a preparation which utilizes alone one herb). Usually herbalists blend a array of medicinal plants to accomplish a compound, which addresses added than aloof the above symptoms.

In Chinese medicine for archetype there is a strict adjustment of hierarchy in any herbal prescription, which requires considerable depth of adeptness and acquaintance on the physicians allotment. The actuality that the primary or principle herb has active ingredients, which has a specific physiological aftereffect, does not beggarly the other herbs are not all-big in the preparation. This is a actuality seemingly ignored by the pharmaceutical industry in its charge to manufacture advanced drugs that can ascendancy disease.

Alive that medicinal plants are so able, that these plants potentially authority the answer to abounding diseases, are inexpensive and accept proven their worth age and age again over millennia, why is it that herbal medicine is still not in the forefront of medical treatments, and is considered by abounding orthodox medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies as hocus-pocus…. hmmm.

About the Author

Danny Siegenthaler is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and at buttoned up with his wife Susan, a medical herbalist and aromatherapist, they accept created Accustomed Skin Affliction Products by Wildcrafted Herbal Products to share their 40 age of combined expertise with you.

Originall posted October 13, 2012