meal timing

I am aflame writing this month’s newsletter! The advice
covered in our February affair will appearance you how you can burn up
to three times as much fat, every exercise session, without the
statement of drugs, steroids, or stimulants. This is a “trick of the
trade” of the body building industry that helped me lose 65 lbs.
in 84 days, and abode as a top finalist in a worldwide body
transformation contest.

WARNING!! If you are Hypoglycemic, Diabetic, or accept austere
health problems, accomplish not incorporate this into your workout
program. Always seek the advice of a Medical Doctor before
starting any diet or exercise program.

Any more that our disclaimer is etched in cyber stone, let’s amuse

Meal timing is decidedly big for rapid weight loss.
Depending upon your height/weight body ratio, (will amuse into
this in added detail in approaching issues) you should be eating
between three to five baby meals a day, spread 3 to 4 hours
apart. This fuels the blaze, and keeps your metabolism aerial. If
you accept a accustomed sleep timetable, (ex. 11:00PM – 6:00AM) you
appetite your last meal to be no subsequent than 7:00PM. When you wake
up at 6:00AM, it has been 11 hours since your last meal, and you
accept an empty stomach with a minimal carbohydrate reserve.

If at all possible, exercise before you eat your aboriginal meal. If
you eat before exercising, your body will burn off your carb
reserve aboriginal, before attacking the fat pad. You can actually
burn up to three times as much fat per session by exercising on
an empty stomach. We apprehend everyone does not accept a accustomed
sleep timetable, or the adeptness to exercise aboriginal affair in the
morning. Adjust this principle to your alone timetable. If
you can not exercise until 7:00PM, eat lunch no subsequent than
2:00PM, accomplish your exercise, and eat dinner after you finish.

If you suffer with Hypoglycemia, Diabetes, or any other health
condition that affects your blood sugar, accomplish not incorporate this
into your program. Exercise lowers your blood sugar akin. If
you accept been diagnosed with any of these health problems, accomplish
sure you eat before exercising and accumulate a piece of fruit with
you in position of an emergency.

If you alpha to alter to dizzy, air faint, nauseous, or anemic
during exercise – immediately STOP. If you air according to you are
going to faint, sit down and abode your head between your knees.
Eating a piece of fruit will usually advice alleviate these

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Originall posted April 22, 2012