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The health clubs are always racking their brains trying to figure out why they accept such a adamantine age keeping members coming back. Most owners would argue that cash flow and profit margins are the most big astuteness to retain membership. Affirmative, but what drives customers to these health clubs?

These owners accept absent touch with what matters most, the customer! Accord the customer added than they expect and they will abide to accomplish bag with you. Selling a product or service is about bodies added so than numbers on a spreadsheet.


I appetite you to anticipate of this principle in your workout. You apperceive it is actual accessible to amuse burdened down with all the details of an exercise and diet program. While guidelines are all-big, at times focusing too much on the numbers can and will set you up for failure.

You may alpha to anticipate all this counting calories, reps, and keeping track of affection rates are too much to accomplish. Unexpectedly, you alpha to lose sight of your goals and it becomes added of a action than a hobby or stress release. You may even abdicate exercising. This can be an immediate sinkhole for you.

It would be unrealistic to anticipate you are not going to accept some boxy days. It’s adamantine getting in shape. It takes determination and discipline. Added importantly, it takes looking over those down days to the borderline ambition. Accomplish not amuse too worked up about hitting all the numbers on the charts all the age.

The bigger claiming lies in the chase buttoned up. In adjustment to chase buttoned up, you accept to accept a certain amount of PERSONAL FITNESS ACCOUNTABLITY!

IT’S BEING SOLD OUT! The alone road you will chase buttoned up on an exercise program is to be sold out. The military calls them “lifers.” These are bodies who are committed to something for the continued haul. Are you a lifer? Could you be a lifer?

A lifer has a sold out mindset. He or she realizes that there will be potholes to action buttoned up; there may even be a sinkhole up ahead, but they amuse buttoned up it or they action around the bearings. It may booty abutment from others, but it gets done. You may not be a lifer today, but you could be if you don’t accomplish changes any more! Why accomplish you anticipate Advanced Year’s Resolutions don’t assignment? Waiting to alpha a acceptable exercise program begs the catechism, “Are you austere enough about it to activate any more instead of putting it off till a certain age?” Any more is the age to alpha. BEING SOLD OUT IS AN ATTITUDE OF THE HEART! IT’S THE BIG PICTURE Each of you is altered. You will put into exercise a certain amount of accomplishment and everyone will amuse something altered from it. You cannot aloof parcel acceptable intentions and add, “If you accomplish this or if you buy that, you will accept this in return.” It aloof doesn’t assignment that road.

But, I will guarantee you this: committing to exercise and eating adapted will bring you annihilation but absolute and fulfilling rewards, both physically and emotionally. It could actual able-bodied save your action some day. It saved mine!


I accept bad days. I accept acceptable days. I accept days I had ambition I had never started exercising. I appetite fried foods some days. I eat fried foods sometimes. I appetite to booty a vacation from it all. I booty a vacation from it all. Yet, at the borderline of the day, some baby articulation inside reminds me of that accommodation I fabricated abounding age ago. I can’t turn back even when I appetite to. I fabricated a commitment to myself age ago:

Never be afraid to buzz for advice and apprehend every day to bull's eye on the ample picture.

What about you? Are you going to sell out to being miserable, achy, low energy, and suffer from low self-esteem? Or are you going to accomplish a meaningful accommodation to amuse in bigger health? Let’s accomplish it at buttoned up.

In a kernel shell:

While guidelines are needed, ace shot not to amuse bogged down with the details. Accomplish a accommodation to accomplish exercise and eating adapted a priority in your action, even if it is not up to your expectations. Exercise and bigger eating will accord back a actual fulfilling action. But you accept to accumulate your eye on the ball. Speed bumps and potholes will always be there in season. The action of avoiding them can be a lot added amusing than you can visualize.

About the Author

Greg Ryan is a aerial profile fitness expert and former employee of Kathy Smiths. Body building champion, public speaker and personal trainer to the stars. He is a ace selling author of the Changing from the INSIDE Alpha getting in bigger shape today! For FREE MINI COURES click here

Originall posted January 10, 2012