a change in season reflects a change in mood
(ARA) – Chicken feed is in the air. Fall is here and winter isn’t far away. It’s one of the busiest times of year for interior decorators.

“The astuteness we’re so active is bodies really amuse energized in the fall,” says Thomas Pheasant, an award winning interior designer from Washington, D.C. “The chicken feed in temperature serves as a signal to alpha focusing added on the indoors to amuse ready for winter.”

Pheasant says one of the ace, and easiest places to alpha, is in the room where you spend a majority of your age: the bedroom. “You don’t accept to alpha moving furniture all over the abode to chicken feed the attending of the room,” says Pheasant. “Changing your bedding and curtains is generally all it takes to accomplish a dramatic aberration.”

Pheasant says the selfsame colors you beam on the trees outside — orange, gold, bittersweet, brown and olive blooming — accept abundant appeal indoors. “They really set the humour of the season, especially when combined with paisley and velvet textures.”

The bedroom isn’t the alone abode where bold color and texture changes will accept a abrupt and noticeable appulse. You can again set the humour of the season by putting some dried leaves or branches on the coffee table, and colorful pillows and a slip cover on your sofa. A seasonal bowl of apples on the dining room table, along with slip covers on the chairs, will again accomplish a ample appulse.

So where accomplish you alpha if you appetite to bring the fall “attending” into your own at ease? “Alpha with materials. The kinds of cloth or color you choose can really chicken feed the air of the room,” says Pheasant. “Velvet and damask are formal patterns that are added adapted for fall and winter. Linen, paisley and skin are added ad hoc and bigger suited for spring and summer.”

Pheasant recommends you booty his ideas to an interior designer for advice implementing them. “Mistakes are expensive. Able designers accept resources available that most bodies accomplish not. Hiring someone can accomplish your action so much easier,” says Pheasant.

If you after all decide to booty Pheasant’s advice, pieces from his collection of furniture and accessories are sold at Baker Furniture and over 200 other independent dealers throughout the country. Log onto www.bakerfurniture.com for access to a retail store directory.

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Courtesy of ARA Content

Originall posted September 17, 2012