organizing your home the master bedroom
As we act buttoned up the abode, we’re going to hit the expert bedroom abutting. I appetite this room to be a haven and an escape for you. You won’t beam your room as that if you don’t according to it and the decorations you accept in it. Bethink: baby steps!

1. Airing in to your bedroom as you walked in to the family room and attending at it critically. Is it cluttered? What’s the aboriginal affair that you apprehension? Accomplish whatever that is aboriginal. If it’s manufacture the bed, accomplish it. If it’s putting soil clothes in a basket, accomplish that. Whatever it is, amuse it done.

2. Does your bedroom fall under the Constitution of Flat Surfaces? If so, alpha by clearing off the dresser(s) and headboard. If you accept papers there, attending buttoned up them, pitch what needs to be pitched, and file away (as you did in the study) what needs to be filed. Once you can beam the tops of the dressers and headboard, amble over them quickly with your duster.

3. If you accept lots of things on your dresser tops and top of the headboard, the abutting claiming is to de-clutter. You’ve already done the paper-angle of this—any more attending critically at the other things you accept. Accomplish you accept too abounding jewelry boxes? What about baskets that are supposed to adjust things? Any more is the age to actuate what you certainly adulation and wear all the age and what you hardly attending at and almost never wear. Pull out the things you’re not ape about and amuse rid of them. Accord them away, hurl them away, or sell them online. It doesn’t matter—as continued as what’s left is what you truly adulation. If you accept too abounding “organizing baskets,” any more is the age to apprehend that added things to authority your clutter isn’t “organizing”—organizing is paring down what you accept and then keeping it orderly. Action buttoned up your baskets and actuate which scent bottles are your favourites and which ones you aloof don’t statement anymore. There’s no glory in keeping 35 scents on your dresser if all they accomplish is collect dust and accomplish things attending messy.

4. Let’s act on to the floor. Can you airing freely in your room? If not, statement the laundry-basket adaption and pick up the things on your floor. Deposit the items in their correct location and amble the vacuum. No moving the bed or dressers—aloof sweep where you can easily airing.

5. Attending at your windows—are they grimy? What about the window ledges? Grab your rag and window cleaner and accord them a abrupt once-over. You’ll be amazed at how much dust you pick up and how clean your ledges will attending after that!

Accumulate going in the expert bedroom—we’re going to action inside closets and dressers abutting! On to Pt. 2!

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Originall posted October 19, 2012