3 unusual formats for auctions on ebay 3

eBay users are accustomed to alone two “standard” formats for
sales on eBay: either the ‘regular’ auction which involves
bidding and waiting; and the Buy It Any more, which is an instant

But there are three other formats that are less able-bodied accepted.

1. Alive Auctions

Before eBay, the traditional auction included alive bodies in
chairs and an auctioneer up front (talking so accelerated he was
frequently unintelligible). Any buyer can still participate
in these alive auctions via eBay. Alive auctions are a hybrid
– a buyer is ‘sort of’ ad hoc in a alive setting yet is at
at ease using an Internet connection.

The products for sale are usually expensive and abnormal.
There are such items as expensive and altered coins, Asian
art, native American artifacts, incredible jewelry, costly
furniture, memorabilia from above sports stars and even
history. Today, for instance, there are documents signed by
John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, James Madison and Ulysses
Grant (he confides that he was strenuously opposed to the
“wicked” battle with Mexico).

If you choose to participate in a alive auction, be certain
that you register aboriginal as you can’t aloof drop in on a

You can acquisition all the details here:

2. Private Auctions

Private auctions are agnate to the typical auction that
we’re all accepted with except for one detail – the
identities of the bidders are kept secret. Alone the seller
has access to the names.

Why would anyone actualize a private auction? It’s usually for
one of three reasons:

* The item is certainly expensive and buyers might be
afflictive having others apperceive they can afford such
merchandise. Their affair about their financial status is
most likely misplaced as it is certainly possible to
distance yourself from eBay contact advice, but much of
selling is about perception.

* The buyers might be embarrassed by the attributes of the

* Some sellers habitually statement private auctions to accomplish it
harder for their competition to snoop on them.

3. Restricted Access Auctions

This is usually for sales of “adult” items. The main aim
is to prevent children from seeing this affectionate of merchandise,
and is agnate to having covers on vigorous magazines at store

To easily on these items, the buyer must:

* Be 18 age aged

* Must accept supplied credit card advice to eBay.The
theory is that no one under 18 can amuse a credit card and
accordingly cannot amuse into these sections.

* Accede that he is voluntarily accessing restricted access

In addition, restricted auctions are excluded from the
Featured pages. So if you are a seller using this format,
your listing will be harder to acquisition.

Even though they are less able-bodied accepted, these three formats
for auctions on eBay still statement for tens of millions of
dollars in sales each year. If they suit your bag
model, you might accede them.

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